Astral combat..?

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Astral combat..?

Astral combat..?
By: / Novice
Post # 1

I found this interesting post on forum about Astral Combat.

I understand it is possible to AP and do all kinds of things your physical self cant, but is this accurate? I dont know, I just found it a bit unrealistic when the person said things like combining elements to make such and such. Then again, Im not very well informed in this area nor have I ever even suceeded at AP yet. So can anyone enlighten me?

Much thanks.

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Re: Astral combat..?
Post # 2
I skimed through the artical and some seems possable and some I disagrea with. First the combining elements part, I have done stuff like that before and it is possable on the astral. And most of the artical, I believe the auther knows mostly what he is talking about. Im no expert, but I have been attuned with the astral world for 3 years and have spent a great deal of my time on it fighting.

However I disagree with the auther saying time does not exist on the astral. In my opion it does.
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Re: Astral combat..?
Post # 3
LOL what a very 'cute' post about 'fantasy' fighting in the astral world. ( my opinion )
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Re: Astral combat..?
Post # 4
I should be more specific about mixing elements. You can mix elemental energy but the effects discribed by the auther I dont thing would work. I dont believe air and water make ice. There need to be a great tempature change for that. I dont believe air and fire lead to lighting. Thats just stupid and not how lighting is made. It would most likly enpower the fire energy. And maybe, on the astral, make a streak of fire directed by air but not lighting.

And while not realy elements, metal and electricity could make a magnetism but it would be have to have other magickal forces to create magnetism because the metal would just be electricfied

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Re: Astral combat..?
Post # 5
The whole technique and aspect of Astral combating is quite real. Any aspect of any magic dealings is as subjective as magic itself to the rest of society. Any mention of something not physical can sound unrealistic to any person. Really, everything is just a matter of perspective/experience.

Personally, I've found great use and much experience in Astral combat. It is basically another method of doing magick and you affect the physical world through your actions in the astral plane. And it hones your senses to boot. I have put years into the practice, and even though it is somewhat different than what he is describing in his article, he is no less right than I am.
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