Working with Herbs

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Working with Herbs
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Herbs, Plants and flowers are such wonderful gifts, and every part of working with them should be approached mindfully and with respect. Gathering them and drying them for future uses and even storing them is a magical ritual that connects you with the earths healing energies. Many herbs can be purchased at a farmers market, supermarket, or a specialty store. If you decide to harvest your own herbs and you haven't grown them yourself, make sure you ask permission from the land owner. Many plants are rare in the wild. If you decide to dry your herbs, wash them in cool water and remove any damaged portions and shake off the access water from your herbs, tie the herbs with a string or yarn, then hang them upside down in a very airy place out of the direct sunlight. Using your attic to hang your herbs is often the most wonderful place for drying herbs. When the leaves easily crumble, then they are dry enough to store in bottles. Label them and date them. Herbs lose their strength as they age so I usually replace the old Herbs with new ones every year. I recycle the old herbs in a compost pile after giving thanks for their presence in my life. You can also store herbs in the refrigerator, First wash them in cold water, then remove all the damaged portions, shaking off the access water. Then wrap them in a clean linen towel and place them in the crisper of your refrigerator. Check on them everyday to make sure they aren't wilting or decomposing. Store your dried herbs,plants and flowers in a glass bottle in a dark place away from heat. Since my favorite color is blue I buy the blue bottles and store my herbs in them. Both the blue bottles and the brown bottles keep the light out and help keep your herbs more potent. Remember that wild plants belong to the Earth. They are sacred and must be treated as such. It is their energies that we harness, their very essence and spirit. So if you do collect wild herbs please take a minute to give thanks before you pick any plants or herbs.
I hope you enjoyed this lesson and I hope it helps you when you Harvest,Dry and store your Herbs or Plants.
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Re: Working with Herbs
Post # 2
Thank you.
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Re: Working with Herbs
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
You are so very very welcome. And I hope that all my post will help others in some way. Blessings.
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Re: Working with Herbs
Post # 4
thanks a nice piece of info,into my book it goes.
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