Water Scrying

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Water Scrying
Post # 1

Hello everyone, i wasn't for sure on where exactly i should put this. But i wanted to talk about water scrying. Which is another form of scrying from divination. I have never really done scrying before. But here's my part of the story wtih me being a medium. I can see things like images of certain things no matter what they may be. And they way i see them is hard to explain. But ill try to explain the best i can in simple terms.

I can see images of things on walls, floors, objects, the ground, even the sky. And they way they are, its like they are blended into the ground or the enviornment around me. Its weird. So when i see this image, i am not sure how to interpret it when it happens. Normally it happens if i start going into a trance like state. Sometimes i can even see them without a trance state. but not all the time. So i was wondering if anyone can tell me what this means and how it works with scrying if its scrying. I also wanted to talk about water scrying. I heard good things about it and would like to learn more about it. How it work and where i could start practicing with it. I think scrying is one of my favorite forms of magick and divination.

Blessed Be

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Re: Water Scrying
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Would help me too. I have similar happenings to me hut farelly often.
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Re: Water Scrying
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

I think it's just in human nature to recogonize shapes and images in things.

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Re: Water Scrying
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
recognize? I see things in like eery blue colors on walls and other places...
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Re: Water Scrying
Post # 5
Some may say it's like a rorschach effect. Psychologists have different names for it depending on the context. It's a natural function of the brain to recognize or piece together images. That's where people come up with things like shapes of clouds, faces in tree bark, and patterns in wallpaper. This is also one of the explanations of such phenomena as seeing the face of Jesus or Mary in burnt toast. The brain puts 1 and 1 together and matches it against known imagery.

Used in scrying of many kinds, the thought is that this same effect is taking place, however the images are precognitive and pre-perceived images instead of things we already know and recognize, or a mix of the two i.e. someone we may know and some future event symbolized by other images we may recognize easily exampled by seeing a friend or relative in a car accident or coming into a large sum of money.

That's my opinion on it.
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