Holy Water

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Holy Water
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
by Silver Ravenwolf

-1 tsp. of rose water
-3 tbsp. sea salt or Kosher salt
-1 small bowl of spring water*
-1 clean glass container
-1 new compact mirror
-1 small storage glass bottle**

*Note: You can buy the bottled water as long as you know that it?s really spring water. But it?s best if you get the water from a running stream or other ?live? body of water that you know the water is clean.

**Note: The bottle should be either green or blue in order to keep its magick.

Before the Rite:

Cleanse and sterilize the bowl and the glass container with boiling water.


Midnight during a Full Moon phase.


Out of doors under the moon, or near a window that will reflect the light of the moon.


Ground and center. Cast your magick circle. Hold your arms outstretched in the Goddess position (arms out at the sides like you?re cradling the Universe, palms up). Say:

In the cloak of the midnight hour
I call upon the Ancient Power
I seek the presence of the Lady and Lord
To bless this water that I will pour.

At this point, you should feel the energy of Earth Mother and Skyfather move abut your feet and head. Feel your own energy expand around your navel and then unite with Divinity. Take your time; no need to rush.

Add the rose water to the spring water. Pick the bowl of water, hold it toward the light of the Moon, and say:

In my hands I hold the essence of the Goddess.
I hereby cleanse and consecrate this water to Divinity
that it may be used for positive acts only
and may aid me in my magickal works.

Feel the energy of the Moon Goddess pulsate down into the water. Imagine her silver light descending from the heavens and impregnating both the water and yourself. You will feel a ?glowy? sensation. Set the water down and pick up the salt. Feel the power moving in your arms as you raise the salt toward the moon. Say:

In my hands I hold the essence of Earth Mother,
She whose bounty sustains all living creatures.
I hereby consecrate this salt to Divinity
that it may be used for positive acts only
and may aid me in my magickal work.
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Re: Holy Water
Post # 2
description of the ritual does not contain any important points:
1) is specified to be out the window (north, east, south or west)
2) do not specify the form mirrors (round, square or rectangular). mngoe depends on the form as different shape of the mirror is used for different ceremonies.
3) the ritual is not the end. it is not clear what to do with water
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