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help with seance
Post # 1
hey everybody um someone called me for a seance ritual and any ideas for it?

story: i got a call on the phone saying someone needed a seance. i agreed and didnt have anything in mind. the mother that passed away was named "mari vonne" and the family wanted a seance. so on the phone they said that they have been playing with "ouija" and doing there wiccan prayers like i always say since im wiccan, and they need help. the family moved in with eachother. the people that live in the family has a son, daughter, preistess(godmother)grandma, and granfather. they said that strange things have been happening in the house and they were worried.

now it gets spooky!
one day while the godmother was cleaning her altar, she claimed that the bells that were on the altar were flying up in the air and ringing a sad tune. the godmother quickly cast nutmeg powder to the bell, and, there was the shadow was there of mari. one night when the family was playing the the ouija the claimed that the board had said "dont you forget, i am still here waiting by the altar". the son got scared and of course, with only candle light lighting the room, he ran down the hall. we heard nothing after that. then we heard sounds that you would hear from possesion, he made those sounds and he broke his on back, was in a upside down "u" shape, started flying upwards torwards the ceiling, just looking up, and up. than he cursed a littile bit and than said "evil witch, evil witch, stop being such a bitch" this scared the godmother and she threw her holiest water of the holiest and thrwe it and the demon child. then she thrwe some kind of exorism herb and burned it in a mortar. than the smoke started rising up to the son, and he was normal.

but its not over yet,
than the family was happy but one night, the family was in the living room, drinking tea. they claimed that the clean anthame was dragged down the hall and the drew a vey dark pentegram on the wall. then, it burst into a huge flame! the godmother then shot out of her seat and cried "mother protect us from mari i comand" every thing was okay after that but weird things like dropping cups, floating pencils, moving chairs. but the mystery remains. why was mari upset?

post your ideas of the seance and banishing spells.
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Re: help with seance
Post # 2
Why on earth would you want to perform a 'seance' ? A seance would only make the situation 'worse'. Whatever is doing something has 'limited' access to our world if I believe what you say. Half of the things done in your story don; make sense......
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Re: help with seance
Post # 3
I would personally do a protection spell and leave it alone.
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Re: help with seance
By: / Novice
Post # 4
this sounds like a horror movie i watched. while i've never been involved with a posession and there are powerful spirits, a lot of that just sounds like silliness to me. if they're a family i witches for 3 generations, why would they be playing with a ouija board? and since the kid ran down the hall, then they didn't cast a circle [assuming] when they knew there was something in the house.

it's a good story, and there are things that, yes, make sense for both a spirit and a high priestess to do. they've tried talking to it but to no end, right? and it's getting dangerous? protection charms for everyone and ask whatever it is to leave them in peace. if it keeps up, banish it. there are many simple and there are many complicated spells to do this. if it's a family [rough calculation two grandparents, two parents, and one kid, not including your family, who is still there?] you would have enough people, who know enough, and are probably strong enough to banish it and purify the house so it doesn't come back.

mind you this all still feels like a movie i saw, so i doubt it's reality. but try banishing [a la Practical Magic]
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