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Post # 1
What exactly does a binding spell do?
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Re: Binding?
Post # 2
"Binding Magick: Binding magick is not the most recommended practice. To bind is to keep someone from doing something ? almost like putting a wall between them and the chosen thing. This is a very restrictive magick and is often very unethical if used for the wrong reason. It is never to be taken lightly as it is long lasting, often very strong and can cause the law of three to see retribution against you."

This is the defintion given by the Raven's Gate Coven article on types of magick

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Re: Binding?
Post # 3
Hi eellliioottt,
Binding spells are the most serious magick that a Witch can cast. Bindings can come in many different forms. The most common are cord bindings. Bindings can be either permanant or temparary. Both forms of binding spells are considered bad magick. This is becuase their sole purpose is to remove the free will of the target. This is nothing more than slavery. Most Witches agree that binding spells should be a last resort if used at all. A great deal of thought should be put in before doing a binding. Try thinking of all other possible solutions.

With binding spells, the caster is trying to overpower the will of a target. Like most spells that work on a targets will, they often don't last long. Even perminant bindings are rarely perminant. This is because a target will be constantly battling the spell. Trying to make a person do something they don't want to do is possibly one of the most dificult thing int he world. Eventually they will win the tug of war be free of the spell.

Ironically, bindings are easy to cast. Use cords that are thick enough to unpick when you want to end the spell. Also don't tie the knots too tightly. The fibers that the cords are made of should be natural. Manmade fibers don't work well with magick. The plastics and other substances seem to have inherant energies that don't work well with any kinds of magick. The cords should also be purified and consecrated to the God and Goddess. Once the binding is finished, the cords should be placed somewhere safe.

Bright blessings,
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Re: Binding?
Post # 4
Binding spells are used to keep someone from hurting you or themselves, by restricting them from doing a particular action or preventing them from traveling to a particular place for a while. Keep in mind that bindings neeed to be maintained to remain effective.
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Re: Binding?
Post # 5
I would say that all the definitions given are correct however I would argue on the "evilness" of Bindings. True they can be used for poor purposes but there are many practical and positive applications of bindings. For example if you know someone is going to hurt themselves with a binding you could keep them from doing so until you can get professional help. I use bindings in conjunction with my protections and trap spells so that should someone cross my defenses the binding holds them in place until I release them which I do once I know who it is that is invading my area i.e. house, car etc.
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