My Take on the Basics

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My Take on the Basics
By: / Novice
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Hello to all members of SOM, this if for those who are fairly new and wish to get into the practical side of magick, but before thats comes training and practice. I will create a list of things that i will consider to be the basics and foundation to this spiritual path we choose to walk. remember that shamanism and magick anrt just tools to make life better, but aslo a way of life aka a life style.

+ Meditation;
There are so maney ways to meditation, like body scanning, chi meditation, guided meditation, walking meditation and so on. meditation is good for calming the physical body and spirit and making them one. it reliaves stress and places the practitioner is a mental state suitable of working energies (casting spells)
being able to meditate and controll your focus is key. i am better able to direct energy

+ Grounding;
Grounding is a forum of meditation but with the intent to calm the body, release negative energy into the earth and replenish with good or nuetural energy. With groundung chakras get cleansed and revived as well. Grounding also relieves anxiety and gives the body stability. This is best for those with an over active third eye.

+ Centering;
centering is sort of the same as grounding but instead of directing energy into the earth, i would draw all my energy and personal power to my core (my belly) and focu on harnessing the enegy and directing it to an outcome. Kinda like when Im about to go onstage and perfome or do some sort of public speaking. i would ground to calm my self down then center myslef and give my self the boost i need

just to recap, medtitation is good for your body and spirit and helps with getting intuned with energies, grounding helps with stability in the energy work and centering draws energy.


i will list of things to know and research but i will not go indepth about them in this post.

correspondence and correlation of;
east south west north

air fire water earth

color correspondence go's hand in hand with candle magic and can be applied to stones/gems, as well as clothing nd any other magical tool

-moon phases
different moon phases mean different spell working,
it is believed that working magic is working with nature in making changes, example: in a new moon it would be best to do banishing spells, relieve attachments and even breaking hexes and curses. because the moon phase is at its end, so will be what ever your ending (i hope that made sense)

-herbs and there magical properties
when i say herbs i mean anything that has to do with them. fresh herbs, dried loose herbs, oils and incense, and brews. herbalism can be used in both magic and medicine (please be well informed about poisenouse and deadly herbs before handling any herbs to be applied on to skin, consumed or inhaled)

this is where i end and will add more info and get more indepth with what i have discussed. I will also be adding sources and refrences to where I found the info and where you can find it

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