Hello there... I'm a newb

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Hello there... I'm a newb
Post # 1
I'm new to all this Wicca and spell casting, yet oddly enough I find myself able to use a good bit of magick... I even had a dream last night of typing able on this... and when I did it struck me for a dizzying spin...
This is normal, yes?
moving on... the only people i can tell about being Wicca are my Father, my stepmom, who is sorta acting funny, or maybe i didn't notice it, and some of my closest friends... Everyone else i can't tell, so I sort of need a nice escape from all the secrecy... I can't even get on this website if my real mother is around, or really anyone for that matter....
So when i stumbled upon this website, I was so intrigued, and thought, " Finally! A place i can be open!". I'll have a lot of questions I can't even ask my Wiccan friends, I'm afraid that they will act oddly, as would most people... but I am able to tell my Friend Jane, so... XD... I suppose it's okay.
I tend to be goofy, but can be serious when I want... I have a rather short temper, but am patient surprisingly... I suppose being earth on the Chinese Zodiac, and Air in the Roman Zodiac, does not one bit of good for me...
since my family is very strictly christian... or Jew, or Muslim, or something that worships God as far as I know... I'm afraid to tell them we may have alot of Wicca/Witch in the family.. since my mom can see ghosts on camera... My Grandmother's home is almost a Haven for souls who want to live peacefully, so I always stay in a closed room in her home... my Nana's home is Ghost filled as well... I find it odd... :D
Oh, and one more thing... It's nice to meet whomever replies ;D
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Re: Hello there... I'm a newb
Post # 2
Nice to meet you soluna .

I am not sure If you have confused Wicca and witchcraft or is it just your computer's or Phone's autocorrect feature but take note , there is a difference .

A second thing , everyone is able to see ghost on camera so your mother Is not special in that sense . it is normal .

Remember that when refferig to a person who follows the religion Wicca , you call them wiccans . You had some errors in your post and I thought to point it out .

I also strogly suspect that you may be confusing the teo terms Wicca and witchcraft so I will just state the differences but I am slightly underqualified as I am not Wiccan .

Wicca is a religion where one worships the god and goddess and celebrate the various cycles of life . People who practice this religion are called wiccans . While witchcraft is simply a craft and a practice.

Anyway , it is nice to meet you soluna :)
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Re: Hello there... I'm a newb
Post # 3

I've been so confused with all the random sayings... it all confuses me.. So I can be a wiccan and practice witchcraft... that's nice...

My mom may be happy to hear that... ;D she is peculiar... lol

thank you for answering my quesitons... wait, do I have to capitalize Wicca, or leave it lowercase??? jeez... it'll take a while to learn everything...
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