i'm new and shy... Hi

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Forums -> Introduce Yourself -> i'm new and shy... Hi

i'm new and shy... Hi
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I'm really not that shy but i'm not used to being in the "in" crowd at school, in fact i hate it! I've been practicing magick for about 5 months now and i'm now getting in the hang of it. The main thing that i've been able to do was to remember my dreams because i'm part psychic and everything i see in my dreams that i remember it happens most likely 3 days later or that day. Should i prepare for the dream to happen and try making it stop or should i just let it happen. (sometimes i don't like what's going to happen, but sometimes i like it to happen).
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Re: i'm new and shy... Hi
Post # 2
Welcome to the site! We're all glad to have you.(:
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Re: i'm new and shy... Hi
Post # 3
hey you're just like me with the dream stuff! ahah. its nice to have you here. (:
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Re: i'm new and shy... Hi
Post # 4
Hi! I'm new here too,... This may sound crazy but when I was in my 16's,.. I have this really weird things happening to me. Weird enough to make myself think that I'm going crazy,.. I used to go to school in a province type area before and must need to walk through some forest to get to school, and weird things starts to happen. As I walk passed this really huge tree things starts to get a little bit crazy,.. Little plants living beside that big tree starts to talk to me, asking me normal questions,.l and they even move, this happens every time I don't expect them to talk to me when I pass by that big tree,.. One day I asked them in curiosity,.. Do you know god?,.. Does he really exists?... And who is he?,.. There's a lot of religion in the world and lots of belief but which one is it?,.. And then that's where the most painful thing happened to me,.. The plants was answering me back but I can't hear what it's saying for my ear is being tortured by some kind of really really hard echo. And after the plant answered that's when it stopped. And after that day they never talk to me again. I didn't even have the chance to hear what the plant could have given me some answers. You might think I'm crazy but it happened and I can't explain how and why, even I can't believe it's happening to me. But one thing I know for sure is that there is someone up there watching us. I'm now 21 and a Bar Supervisor in hong kong and I'm glad no crazy stuff like that happened to me again.
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