Deity Engineering - Chaos

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Deity Engineering - Chaos
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Alright... I asked a question a while ago about the ability of one creating their own goddess or god. I have now created my own but I'm not entirely certain if I did it the right way. Can any other chaos magicians or at least someone with an open mind tell me their opinion.

Deity Engineering


1. What qualities or aspects of reality does your Goddess, God or
Spirit embody? Personality

2. What special abilities of powers does s/he have? She is in charge of asigning each child a personality before birth.

3. Describe Her or His appearance: She is tall and thin with a kind youthful face. She has long, thick, curly strawberry blonde hair. Her eyes are a light green-blue in color. She is very elegant and wears long flowing dresses made from silk and lace.

Body bulid & special attributes (tail, wings etc.): She has a small boned body structure and large white angelic wings.

Facial features & hair: She has a round shaped face with large round eyes that are a light green-blue in color. Her eyes are framed by full and long dark eye lashes. She has a nose that is neither too broad nor too narrow. It suits her face perfectly. She has a cupid's bow mouth with full lucious lips that are a cherry red in color.

Apparent age: She looks to be in her early twenties.

Clothing, if any: Long flowing dresses of silk, sheer and lace.

Jewlery & objects carriedf any: She wears a star pendant that possesses a section to represent each sect of personality.

4. How does s/he move? Standing with proper posture she gracefully glides across the floor, almost as if floating.

5. what is Her/His voice like? She has a sweet, youthful voice that is pleasant to the ears.

6. What correspondences are apropriate for each of the following?

animals: Dove

Herbs, flowers: Roses, rosemary, lilac, vanilla, sage,

Trees: Weeping willow

Colors: Light blue

Elements: Water, fire, air, earth

Direction: East

Mudra: None.

Sacred objects: Pentacle

Season: Spring

Day of the week: Friday

Time of night or day: Midnight

Gem or stone: Light blue topaz

Features of the natural enfironment: Flowers?

Smell and taste: Vanilla

7. Describe Her/His temple or sacred space: Her temple sits on top a mountain and is greek in structure. In the middle of the temple sets a large water fountain while hanging above is a lovely candle operated crystaline chandelier. Decorating the room are taperstries of silk ranging in light blue.

8. Does s/he have any special relationships to other Deities or
Spirits, or to humans? No.

9. Name this Enity: Alaiska, meaning bright spark.

Deity Engineering

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Re: Deity Engineering - Chaos
Post # 2
Looks to be good Integra.
I'd suggest you trace out some sort of symbol to represent the deity by which you can invoke/evoke, and as a focus by which to "empower" the deity.
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Re: Deity Engineering - Chaos
Post # 3
Good,how powerful is she?I mean,did you test(or witness) her power in something you asked her?
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