Hey everyone!

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Hey everyone!
Post # 1
Hello everybody! I'm new to the forums and pretty much new to the site in general.

I'd never really believed any of this spiritual stuff until almost two months ago, when I met a girl with spiritual abilities. She can feel peoples emotions, read into their past, see into their future, manipulate energy, channel spirits, and can easily leave her body and travel to higher realms. Another ability she has is to spiritually unlock other people and their spiritual abililities. I asked her if she would be willing to dothis for me, and she agreed. She kissed my by the moonlight on a waterfront
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Re: Hey everyone!
Post # 2
Sorry I got cut off. Anyway she kissed me and it was done. It's been a couple months now and a lot of wierd spiritual shit has been happening to me, not the least of which being that I can see spiritual energy and can send visible arcs of energy or god-knows-what from my fingertips and my fingers get all tingly. Also I have a spirit animal which is a fox and he is so powerful that he can actually physically harm people I don't like. I cant see or communicate with him, but the girl can, and she kinda hates him because he attacked her boyfriend when I was feeling jealous. Also a week ago an evil spirit tried to posess me, but I broke free.

So that's me! Anybody else have any similar experiences or have anything to say? I will ellaborate on anything per any requests, by the way. Hope to have a good experience here!

-Lucas Freeman
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Re: Hey everyone!
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
My animal's a wolf, but I know that because I used to help at an exotic animal rescue and I was the only ones the wolves actually liked. I've had some odd stuff with spirits, which also included being attacked (in my old home to boot!). Welcome to the site!
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