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Springs of Life - Magic
Post # 1
The springs of life exist. Every good being has an internal spring of life that connects them to the springs of life. Magic from this spring flows into our being.

When you do something evil or wrong, this spring gets stemmed, the flow gets stemmed and if you are evil then it gets removed.

the evils were not born with these springs in them though if they were instead good at birth they would.

Your internal spring of life is a literal spring that flows water into your being, right now it is shut down due to the wrong things you have done or thought.

Reactivating your internal spring is the key to regaining your magic and gaining true magical power.

What are the magic consequences of doing evil?
Thinking on that you figured out what the consequences are by thinking on the laws of magic and how they work. Little do you know you subconsiously know all the laws of magic for magic is present in your life all the time and is as familiar as air. Now think on all the laws of magic and how can you come to understand how all magic works by how the laws work.


1. You must do no evil and no wrong, in thought deed or intention. Analyse every action you do before you do it and check if it is good or evil or wrong, do not do it if it is evil and do only good. Go though every day doing good actions only checking your actions before doing them to see if they are evil or good and you will come to activate your spring.

2. that is just good level one -good all out not evil or wrong at all. You must go up to level to holy beyond basic good and to the highest level you can get to. This will really start to reactivae your spring.


1. You will come to a day after you have been only good everyday and done no evil after some number of days where on that day your spring will reactivate, you will have a special dream on that night that will activate and awaken the sleeping supernatural self of your that dwells within your soul. Your secret sleeping supernatural selfs powers will start flowing through your vains.
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Re: Springs of Life - Magic
Post # 2
Please enlighten me on how you determined all of this? You've yet to even call it a theory. I've never heard this come from any other witch, assuming you are one, you write this as if is a brochure rather than something a discussion can be made of.
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Re: Springs of Life - Magic
Post # 3
well atleast he doesn't give up
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Re: Springs of Life - Magic
Post # 4
Well I guess he gets an A+ for determination in my Grade book. But what's it matter? I'm not a teacher who claims to know everything.
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Re: Springs of Life - Magic
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
This concept reminds me of the Greek story called "The Miraculous Pitcher." I do understand the purpose of this, but I personally don't see any person not having any form of negativity in any way at all. Though I don't see why any effort can't be made, even if in vain.
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Re: Springs of Life - Magic
Post # 6

The problem with this post is "evil". How does one go about defining "evil" and "good"? Most use "holy" scriptures of some sort (ex.: the Bible, the Veda, the Qur'an, etc.) but this assumes that you support the idea that [at least one of] these books contains "absolute truth".

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Re: Springs of Life - Magic
Post # 7
People are good and bad. Without the other half, you cannot live your life. So, by my guess, what you said was just your view of ideologies about life. Even the most good person in the world, will surely do something evil in his/her life, so what you said doesn't make sense.
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