Altar help?

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Altar help?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I finally got the space to set up an altar in my room. I'd like some general help as to what it needs/how to go about this. If it helps, I lean toward the Norse pantheaon with an emphasis of Freyja. Thanks in advance and blessed be.
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Re: Altar help?
Post # 2

An altar can be anything really, an altar is sacred space that one practices his and her own spells or rituals. The altar that is something special to you and your beliefs. Find things that have special meaning to you and you can use them on your altar. Thats is best solution i find helpful. Also you can put candles, gemstones, crystals, athames, cauldrins, figures, tiles, anything that is associated with deities, gods, angels and such There can be figrues of anything rather its animals or deity that you admire or worship.

I would check out youtube, youtube has some great videos of wiccan, or pagan altars. That can kinda help you get started.

Blessed Be

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Re: Altar help?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

If you're going to make an altar and dedicate it to Freyja:

Common offerings that get put on the altar include sweets, barley and honey. Sweet drinks are good as well. A lot of people like to decorate the altar in deep red cloths, perhaps with some gold. It's common for those working with her altars to wear gold themselves, so you may keep jewlrey on the altar- as that is something I've seen done before. Placing a piece of amber on the altar is good as well.

Having something symbolizing cats would be a smart idea. A lot of people who work with her like to wear catskin, or use it on the altar. Near this you could place feathers to symbolize her "falcon cloak". White/Red candles, perhaps, and an offering bowl for the things mentioned above. Some also like to get small figurines of Freyja and place it on there as well.

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