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Forums -> Misc Topics -> dreams

By: / Novice
Post # 1
i had two rather interesting dreams last night, the second one i can figure out better than the first. in the first dream i was in this place, kinda like catacombs; well lit, underground with lots of tunnels, made of old brick or stone [all archways] in the center was a meeting place [kinda like a food court, but it wasn't, it was open with tables though] where i met a good friend of mine. the part i need help with is i dreamed while in the tunnels i could sort of fly. i dreamed i could control the elements [and yes i'm an Avatar: the last airbender fan] while flying, i was using air to float, and when i began to fall [i tend to get REALLY bad vertigo/motion sickness when this happens in my dreams] i would shoot fire from my hands to lift me back up. i could also move rocks and water [bending for the avatar fans] but i used air and fire. two elements i'm not the greatest with in reality. it could just be a fun dream, but i was wondering if anyone knows the meaning behind the elements and gliding [since it wasn't so much 'flying' as i was using air currents and fire] thanks.
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Re: dreams
Post # 2
Well dreams are a result of memories and imagination. You might had something in mind before going to sleep. But, during the dream you chose to use your memories. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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Re: dreams
By: / Novice
Post # 3
dreams are a meria of things actually, and there are still things left unknown by them. typically, though, dreams are your brain working out subtle things it picked up o throughout the day that your eyes did not, and it's trying to tell you though symbols. it's also just entertaining things your imagination comes up with. my dreams were probably just that, but they've been rather vivid recently, so i was wondering if that held any sort of meaning, but i couldn't find one in my books.
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Re: dreams
Post # 4
Can you remember if you saw a symbol, or a letter or something like that. If that's not the reason of seeing your dreams very vivid, then it's about your mood, and something like a lightening of your mind nowadays. Maybe a reason to be more open-minded in dreams.
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