I cant follow through

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> I cant follow through

I cant follow through
Post # 1
Every time i try to project i feel the vibrations and i feel my body soo very close to separation but it never fully separates. Ill sit there for hours not asleep but waiting for my body to separate. I think it might be that im too conscious but if i drop any more of my consciousness ill fall asleep. Another thing all i usually see is darkness. Ill see images in the darkness but i want to be able to see what i hear everyone else sees which are vivid images and them having long meaningful talks with spirits. I cant even hear inside the astral plane all i hear is whats around my physical body which is usually wind. I'm just getting so discouraged :( if anyone could help or teach me about astral projection i would be in your debt. Thanks for reading and blessed be.
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Re: I cant follow through
Post # 2
Your 'too focused' on getting there and not letting go. Go ahead fall asleep ( you might not fall asleep you might project ! ) Don't be afraid of the images ' embrace' them and you will finally 'see' what it is you seek....
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Re: I cant follow through
Post # 3
something that may help is to run through a meditation exercise before attempting to project it goes something like this
out loud say " i am going to put my self in to a light meditation"
then count in your head until you hit some number between 10 and 15
then say "i am now in a light meditation, i will now put my self in a heavy meditation"
form there count upwards from one until you reach some number in the teens, the catch this time is to visualize the numbers as you say them in your head, once you have done that visualize complete emptiness around you and TADA there you go
let me know if this helps you cause it always does for me
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Re: I cant follow through
Post # 4
It might help to call the spirit before or during astral projection or try to visualize more than darkness. Sometimes it helps to see spirits or attract spirits when there is a background for the talk.
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