Guidance for a beginner

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Guidance for a beginner
Post # 1
Hi there,

I have only recently joined this great community in order to expand my knowledge and my mind.

I would like to know how to prepare myself for my first spells and I was also wondering if you could maybe help me find some easy spells for me to practice.

I guess I should tell you a bit about my background - I have been using visualizations techniques and meditation for the past 4 years. ( not on a daily basis, but enough to keep me in great emotional shape) I have used brain training and brain entertainment music in order to develop my cognitive abilities. I also take proper care of my body by working out and trying to have a healthy lifestyle. I love balancing my mind, body and spirit.

I know myself quite well and I have used various tools to do so ( from astrology and numerology to personality tests). I feel ready to explore the field of magick now. I have waited so long because I felt that I lacked the self-discipline and patience required, but I have been working on that, and they are no longer obstacles in my path.

Could you please offer me some advice? Thank you in advance!
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Re: Guidance for a beginner
Post # 2
Hello kass, it is good to have you in the site, i am pretty new too (new to the site, but not new to magic at all).
And now about your question.
All you need to prepare for the spell:
The most important ingredient in a successful spell is belief.
The second most important ingredient is feeling. The more concentrated positive effort you fill your spell with, the more potent your spellweaving will be.
If you succeed in believing. 100 per cent, that your spell will work then it will.

Here are few things that a spell needs , but those are just tips:
The proper moon phase, the proper planetary hour and day, the proper material and supplies, the mental condition of the practitioner, the will of the universe, the experience of the practitioner, your belief in the magic you are working, the proper spell.

If you need any information about the criteria i gave you, you can research or contact me via mail and i will explain you more about these tips.
Blessed be,
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