something clawing my back

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> something clawing my back

something clawing my back
Post # 1
I am new,I was born with a connection the the spiritual realm.though I dont do spells as yet.
I have not had a dream in many years,but when i am near other i feel there emotions and about three years ago I started waking ti a feel that something is clawing my back I even get welts I have tried grounding and centering.
I need a great protection spell to send this thing away
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Re: something clawing my back
By: / Novice
Post # 2
hmm. slightly confused. clawing is one symptom of demon attacks, but there's MANY other signs not listed, is this a dream or is this real? [you mentioned a dream] it could be an angry spirit, which is the most common option. then again, it could just be medical, if you want logical over spiritual. personally, i'd set up an appointment with my doctor not only for a physical, but get some blood word and an alergy test done. while you're waiting, shield while meditating, and cleanse with a sage smudge. if it's really powerful, these should be done daily to weaken it, if there is anything. the test will make sure it's not a reaction or something. i don't know off the top of my head a really powerful protection spell, but if it's not health, i'd cast the protection spell or banishing. first though, i'd try talking with it... provided it's not dangerous to do so.
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Re: something clawing my back
Post # 3
I used to dream then about three years ago when ever I fall asleep If I start to dream i feel like my back is being clawed,this wakes me up but the clawing continues for about an hour after wards.
I have to center and ground myself before it stops.
I have been to a Dr. each one says it is my imagination and that the imagination can even be strong enough to cause the welts.

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Re: something clawing my back
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
just because you don't remember dreaming doesn't meant it didn't happen its been scientifically prover that if you don't dream you don't realy get rested and would die after a couple of weeks

other than that it would seem you have a case of demonic oppression not the same as possession but just as dangerous i would try preforming a banishment spell such as the LBRP and getting or making a protection amulet
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Re: something clawing my back
Post # 5
thank you I will try that.
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