A little help?

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A little help?
Post # 1
Hi, everyone. I'm Kay, 35 years old
I would like to try something against negativity, i'm new and i have no experience, but i appreciate any help.
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Re: A little help?
Post # 2
How to deal? Ground. Center. Take care of yourself, both emotionally and physically. When you are depressed, find a way to keep yourself in perspective and busy (or as busy as you can be). Shield. You don't have to take other people's negative stuff. In fact, if you work at it, you can make selective shields, (I visualize screen doors) that bounce off the negative but still let you feel on a spiritual level what's going on out there.

Tools For cleansing and bansishing: cheats to a great vibe!

Salt. The universal cleanser. It's a stone from the earth... but since we tend to think of it differently it gets a place by itself. Oh, and baking soda and epsom salts both share a lot of the same qualities.

Lemon juice works in this area too. Burdock root is also very good, and is grounding and healing at the same time. Bonus!

Cayenne pepper burns away negative energies... it sort of melts and goes away. Not sure how. Most hot peppers and even horse radish and garlic also make the blahs go away.
Here are some others: Juniper and most pines, birch, mints, dragon's blood,rue, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Vervain, Jalap, Hyssop, Mistletoe,Yarrow, Lavender and Cedar.


There are lots of stones that help you to deal with negative energy. Let me count the ways.... and these are just small brief descriptions of a few that are easy to find.


The classic. Never needs to be cleansed. I do find that it needs rest from time to time, or that it can get overwhelmed with negative vibes.. but if it sits, and usually in as little as12 - 24 hours all the vibes are shiny and clean. They do have a high energy load, and it takes a while to tire them out. So if you are clearing out a big office complex, or something, you may want to pack several.

Kyanite: the Universal Balancer. This has more resilliance than Citrine... I never have to rest it. It has less storage compasity. But it also helps with astral journeys, and is useful for emotional protection if you are an empath. Blue kyanite is good for mental clarity, green kyanite helps with stress and helps you weed out what empathic chanels you don't like, and black helps you ground as well as center.

Smokey Quartz: this stone transmutes negative energies, but it takes it's time about it. It has a low energy signature, which can be helpful if you are trying to be stealth... and for some healing situations this can be beneficial. Astral nasties especially don't like this stone, and I find that objects that are frequently flaky benefit from exposure to this stone.
It works wonders for cranky cars and avoiding accidents... as long as you are awake and sober.

Flourite: For clarity, but it also unknots gordian knots of negativity. Useful for combing the aura, particularly if you have lots of cruft in the mental body. Also transmutes negative energy.

Obsidian: Great for bringing your own negatives to the surface. Reveals the hidden in your psyche and also helps draw out the negatives in a very positive way... and has amazing storage compasity... more than any other stone, save granite, which is frankly harder to pack. It also won't bleed-back, so you don't have to worry about it comming off the stone and back into you.

Quartz: If properly charged, you can get rid of a lot of negative vibes with quartz.

Amethyst: Also good at repelling negative energies. In fact, Ametrine (a combination of Citrine and Amethyst) is even better at transmuting and getting rid of negativity than even Citrine by itself.

Snow Quartz: This is a stone I've been known to use to repel large volumes of negativity or to help block negativity when I sleep. You do have to deal with all that stuff in the morning... but coupled with citrine or amatrine you get a nice double layer of protection.
I pair mine with an obsidian peice... on for shielding, driving away, and generating positive; the other for eating up the negative.

Hemitite: One of the great grounders. Also makes a great shield. Has great storage compasity and tends to smooth out chaotic vibes.

Red Jasper: another grounder and shielder. Doesn't shut out certian spiritual vibrations that Hemitite can just turn off...

Moukite: A lot like red jasper, with a higher vibration and more of a focus on healing.

Amazonite: for transmuting negative thoughts into positive. useful for emotional healing and a positive outlook.

Black Onyx can be used a lot like obsidian can, but it's not as high density and tires out quicker. Some people like it better, though.

Jet: Very useful for absorbing depression. Seems to transmute it over time and takes a long time to get tired.

For some reason, depression is a sticky energy that bogs down a lot of stones very quickly. Jet is one of those stones that doesn't get gummed up by it. Use smoke or mist to cleanse this one, not immersion. OR, ground with it. While it doesn't always cleanse itself, (letting it rest seems to work well) grounding with this stone is self-cleansing somehow. Citrine is another stone that doesn't get bogged down by depression.

Rose Quartz: Another very helpful stone for removing negativity. It is a stone of flow. If you have an energy blockage that will not comb out no matter what you try get a piece of rose quartz to soften the lump. I will almost always pair it with another stone... one of my favorites is snowflake obsidian. They create a warm but energetic polarity that takes care of just about any negative energy that you can name. Jet also works very well with rose quartz. Every time I need to do work on energy bodies, I always try to have rose quartz on hand. It also calms down anger, and smooths out just about any energy you could name.

Good luck!
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Re: A little help?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Well If You are new, perhaps Prayers and Charms are good suggestion. Depending what You want to protect, house, Youself someone else, from what as well.

Black tourmaline is great stone for protection of negative energy and danger in general, Lapis Lazouli shall protect from magickal attack by means of revertin' the same. St Benedict's medalion and prayer protect from demons, Fewerfew protects from electrical accidents, shielding protects form negative energy of lower to medium vibration and personal energy of others, Lemongras s may protect from snakes, Aquamarine from drowning, Rosemary branch under pillow from nightmares and so on

That's just to illustrate how borad can terms "protection" from negativity be

Hope it helps though ;)
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Re: A little help?
Post # 4
Thank you very much for the stone info. I find it fascinating, and may i ask another question? A few years ago i bought a selenite. I was simply drawn to it... It is true that other stones may be cleanse only by being near the selenite? And where is the best location for it? In the house....?
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Re: A little help?
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
selenite is a great crystal to use in mediatation too, holding it when mediatating helps to cleanse the body of negative energies. selenite comes in different forms/colours so how to use it depends on what type you own . blessings be , macus
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Re: A little help?
Post # 6
The one i own is white and about 20 cm big.
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Re: A little help?
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
from the little knowledge i have i believe white selenite is also good for healing and i have heard its also good for bringing luck.
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Re: A little help?
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
Selenite also specialises cutting loose entities from the aura.
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Re: A little help?
By: / Novice
Post # 9
Should be placed near the center of the house, as near as possible, particulalrly when we would like it to attract benevolent and celestial entities, which is alongside enhancing psychic gifts, dreaming and also cleansin, one of the it's main programes/properties .

It can cleanse other crystals fine, but may need cleansing itself afterwards.
Since it's very delicate and also hidrosolubille, I cleanse mines with quartz/es

Hope it helps , many Blessings and good luck with Your learning
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Re: A little help?
Post # 10
Hey im Austin, and im new and i wanted to know if there is such thing as flying spells and if they really work.
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