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Looking for some guidance
Post # 1
I just recently started preparing to cast my first spell that deals with some one else. I am a little confused, My boyfriend and I recently broke up. He immediately went back to his ex, problem is she uses drugs by needle and therefore when he is with her he started back using them by needle as well, It took so long to help him stop when I met him, Now I cant even see him to try and talk to him, I thought of using a banishing spell but I want to to stop him from having the urge to do this , I keep picturing him throwing all his needles away, But I cant figure out which would be the best spell, Can someone please point me in a direction to figure this out.. Thank you for your time
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Re: Looking for some guidance
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Your friend needs rather medical help if he's addicted. And there isn't that spell what should work to help him if he doesn't want to get rid of his habit.
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Re: Looking for some guidance
Post # 3

I agree that magic isn't necessarily the best method for helping him. I suggest that you talk to a drug abuse hot line to get information and help. You can always talk to him about going to rehab if he's willing and or joining NA meetings (Narcotic's Anonymous). Unfortunately there is not much else you can do even though your heart is in the right place. Magically speaking you can pray for him, you can send him love and healing energy, and you can be there for him when he wants/needs it and be supportive as best you can. I wish you and him well and luck.



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Re: Looking for some guidance
Post # 4
well i say maybe YES, and maybe NO..

YES in a sense that you could use binding spell to bind your boyfriend from taking in drugs and if his ex seems to be a bad influence, then you can bind him to his ex too..

NO in sense that magick isn't the best thing you could do to those kinds of situations.. why? hhmm.. FOR ME (take note, just my personal opinion) my reiki master told me that there are things (people in the sense) that do not want to be healed so you cannot force them and tell them to heal them.. yes you are just concern about your ex boyfriend but not all concerns may do good especially when they don't ask it on the first place..

blessed be..
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Re: Looking for some guidance
By: / Beginner
Post # 5

It's not really the best solution to cast a spell because of this. It may stop him from doing it, but it will not remove the reasons that he's taking the drugs for, neither it will help him to truly get rid of that desire for drugs. He needs professional help, and you can use magic to send healing energy, love, positivity, best wishes, but that should be it. The rest should be done a different way.

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Re: Looking for some guidance
By: / Novice
Post # 6
He needs to see a professional ( of human medicine or clinical psychology ) but I can imagine they will not.

Helping someone against their own will, is a form of mainoulation, hence an act of what we would call "black" magick, but If You really want to do that it's up to You really.

And I suggest "Cast off evil" spells, which are used for such.

A black figural candle of right gender, dressed with Cast off evil and sprinkled with some Hyssop, Eucalyptus + Salt powder, burnt for 9 or 13 nights of wanning Moon, while strongly praying that they stop harming themselves might do the tick.

If You do not feel confronted to, You could pettition St. Dymphna , for she is know to help in such, greatly and swiftl y

Good Luck dear child :)
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Re: Looking for some guidance
Post # 7
I took some time today to really sit back and think about the situation after reading the replies. I definatley can see how I would be helping him against his will. At the same time I know he will not go get help or be willing, So that leads me to the question of Would it be appropriate to so a make him see his wrong spell? As I thought about it I can not think of how that would be taking away fee will, Due to the recent things he is doing most of his friends have pulled away, if he can see his wrongs hopefully that would encourage him at least try to and reach out for help, Any suggestions on that, I didn't think a binding him from her would work (although that is the only time he does this)But I feel like if he wants to be where she is would that not also be changing what he wants without him wanting it, Thanks to all for your help,
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