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what to do first
Post # 1
I need help. I just took interest in magick a couple days ago. Now I'm wondering what to do first. Do I go strait to learning an easy spell or something else
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Re: what to do first
Post # 2
It would be best you first start learning your basics. this would include meditation, visualization, grounding, shielding, etc. If you go to the SOM survival guide in the Articles section, and scroll down, there is a part that discusses the basics. That is the best place to start.
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Re: what to do first
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
first you need to learn the basics
corespondents(symbols, herbs things like that)
energy manipulation
grounding and centering
once you have a firm understanding of these things witch will take at least six months to a year you can pick you path weather it wicca,druidism,necromancy,...ect once you pick a path its important to stick with it and learn as much as you can about that path all in all it will be about a year minimum before your ready to cast a spell
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Re: what to do first
Post # 4
Hello Welcome to SoM,

Once you get started i recommend "Newbie Centeral" on this site its a excellent beginner's guide.

You can Cast spells whenever you feel like but however what kind of spells are you doing? Alot of the time you have to wait untill a certain moon cycle or you need certain items like crystal, wands, herbs , ect alot of that will tell you in ?newbie central?

**Please note before you ask ANYTHING about turning into a vampire or werewolf please dont its not possible and spells claiming that are FAKE. If you claim your a vampire, werewolf or any fantasy creature you will be considerd Fluff aka A roleplayer. You DO NOT want to earn that role. **
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Re: what to do first
Post # 5
These guys are right when they say learn your basics, but I just want to point out that basics change for everyone. There is not a definite list of "these are the basics learn them".Also you can't set a time on how long it would take for a person to learn something,it's up to the individuals only willingness to learn and their own personal learning abilities.
Also you don't need a wand, crystals, incense, candles, etc to cast a spell. Those things are simply tools used to help extend our own energy out into the universe.
Depending on where you live and your financial situation these things many not be easy to come by. Everything that we need to get a spell out into the universe and manifested is already inside of us.
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Re: what to do first
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
What you do is entirely up to you. There is not "Right" way to learn magick (or anything for that matter). Magick is like experimental baking. It is very much trial and error. However you decide to go about, that is absolutely fine. Although, it does help to have a bit of knowledge on the subject before jumping in. :)

I recommend you sit yourself down, make sure you have plenty of time, take out a pen/pencil, and paper, and just write out what you believe (
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Re: what to do first
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
Sorry, cut off half of my post there.

So, write out what you believe, what you hope to accomplish with magick, why you are interested, and anything else you feel that you should know later down in life about all of this :)
And don't worry, there is no such thing as a wrong answer.

if you need anymore help, feel free to mail me. :)
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