Love Binding Question

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Love Binding Question
Post # 1
Hi, I am new to this site.
I was hoping somebody here could help me.
Many years ago I had a hex on me.
Because of this hex I went to someone for help, but this person cast evil demonic black magic on me.
I have finally, after many more years passed by, found someone to take it all away for good.
However, I had a love binding cast for me by someone else, who did it using white magic. (He was an professional, and this was about 2 weeks ago now)
This was in order to remedy my love life & love situation because the evil curse on me keeps interfering with my love life.
Unfortunately I found these 2 people at different points in my life. In other words, it wouldv been great to have first found the one who could rid me of the curse, and then the one who could cast the love binding for me. But it happened in the reversed order.

Now my question I would like to ask is: If I had a love binding spell cast on my behalf, but I had very evil demonic related black magic on me at the time when I had the love binding cast, does this mean that the evil has cancelled out the love binding & that the love binding is null & void, in other words it will not work at all, and I may need to have it re-done?
Or is the love binding somehow 'lying' dormant until I have the curse removed officially through a ritual (which will be this weekend saturday at dark moon) So in other words will the love binding start kicking in and still work once the curse removal has been done? I guess I am confused as some say negative influences mean a spell wont work at all, which would mean I will need to have the love binding re-done altogether , while others say once a spell has been cast, then it has been cast, end of story, and it will start its work once the negative curse is removed, therefore no need to have to cast again

I hope that somebody here can help me clear up my confusion.

Kind Regards
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Re: Love Binding Question
Post # 2

I am baffled by this enthralling story, and as far as the things that happened to you, I am sorry. I am not going to get into the evil magic and hexes and all that because of my personal beliefs. All I can say if someone did curse, hex, or cast on you is that it can be removed easily with a few different methods. I seriously advise you not to pay anyone to do this for you, especially if they ask or require payment. Workings done by donation only are acceptable if the worker is credible and trust worthy.

However some solutions to getting rid of any negative influence or magic are casting the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, a return to sender spell, the greater banishing ritual of the pentagram if necessary, using certain stones such as black tourmaline absorb and dissolve negative and dark energy, asking the spirits and or deities for their assistance, purifying and cleansing rituals are excellent and effective as well, including a purifying and cleansing ritual bath. There are many ways of going about this.

As far as your love binding im not sure what you specifically mean, but as far as magical workings cancelling each other out, that is a matter of perspective, intent, and belief. I am not really going to go in depth on that. But I do wish you luck and hope that you find the peace that you are looking for.



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