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Forums -> Misc Topics -> dragon???

Post # 1
I wonder human being really can summon a dragon(whatever type)for living together and play together even take care the dragon???
Are the dragon really exist in the world of the 21st century not ancient times......Has someone summon a really dragon successfully that can live together in peace...
Please tell me the answer and I'll very grateful 4 your helping XD
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Re: dragon???
Post # 2
You can work with real dragons, and you can even be friends with them, but you cannot summon them physically to live with you like an animal. They are creatures of the spirit and that is where they live and belong.
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Re: dragon???
Post # 3
you can work with dragon magick but as mentioned above not in the physical plane they are forms of energy existing in the astral. I do not work with dragons but I can ensure you for that.
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Re: dragon???
Post # 4
I dun understand...
What the dragons are form of energy existing in the astral...
They fly from astral 2 planet???
By the way...
really have peoples seen a dragon???
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Re: dragon???
By: / Novice
Post # 5
i practice dragon magic. dragons are real, they just aren't pysical. there is a believe that i also hold they were on this plain, but once humans started hunting them they travels to the astral for protection. now they are cautious around humans. you can summon a dragon, but it won't be a physical dragon. you will feel it in the room, and it can attack you, but not physically. i do advise against summoning a dragon, not just due to lack of experience, but from what it sounds like you have no respect for them, and they will know, and depending on which type of dragon you call forth it is very dangerous.

i understand this sounds confusing, think of demons, they're real, but they're not physical creatures, they're invisible unless they wish to be seen, and they can attack humans. dragons are similar in that way, yes there are dragons who or nicer than others, but i still advise against summoning one. try learning more and then traveling to the astral. observe them, then try and befriend them. dragons are our equals, if you fear them, or feel you can lord over them, it will end badly for you.
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Re: dragon???
Post # 6
Thx 4 your reply~XD
Do you really practise dragon magic~
you do have seen a dragon~
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