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Ok so I have tried being nice and polite about this kinda thing but now I am getting less nice about it. I am talking about people coming on here looking for help about certain things and other people BSing about things unrelated. Like one guy was looking for a black magic user and other people saying it is wrong for him to be doing black magic (even though black doesn't always mean evil). Or other people sharing their beliefs about the subject. If it were a post about things of that nature then sure that is fine. But here is the inside scoops boys and girls: People don't care about your personal beliefs (unless it impacts them), people don't care if you don't like what they do, and people don't like when people are mean and rude on purpose!!! I know I am being rude and mean but I have tried being nice about it and the only thing that seems to work is being this way. Have you ever noticed how the most controversial topics are filled with people being mean and rude. This way I can hook in people who like to be mean. I am trying to say the fastest way to get a forum to spread on here is to be mean and rude. Now for all the people who look at this and agree then awesome. But for the other people who will be rude right back and try to change my mind I say this: tough. Unless I know you I don't care about your personal feelings and your beliefs about magic. People who just begin to practice magic come here for our guidance and this is the best we have to offer? Just sarcastic remarks and non helpful posts and replies. And I find that utterly pathetic. And I no longer care if upset other people with my posts. I will keep curse words out of it but why should I care about upsetting people if they don't care to be nice or at least respectful. So I now care to the infinitesimal sum of zero. Ok that just about covers it. If you agree then splendid if not TOO BAD!!! See ya.
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