Hello Everyone :)

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Hello Everyone :)
Post # 1
Hi.. I'm not good at introducing myself, I'm 16 years old and I'n pretty interested learning magic since I was a child, I'm just afraid magic will against the religion or the law of universe so I decided to forget about it for a while

But then I have a task for my school project, and I decided to bring everything about magic spell as the topic (I hope this is okay), and because of it I've been interested again with magic spell

I wish I can know and learn the basic about magic or everything that related to magic spell, like make a magic circle or etc
But I dunno where and how to start, I hope someone will help me getting started :)

Sry for my bad English
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Re: Hello Everyone :)
Post # 2
You Can read the "Newbie Central" and "Tips" section of the site to get some information on magick .

I suggest that you forget about Spell Casting at the moment and start with the basics such as

-Meditation (Recommended)
-Energy Maniuplation (Recommended)
-Alignment of energy (Recommended)
-Centering and Balancing (Recommended)
-Raising and sending Energy (Recommended)
-Charging and Empowering(Recommended)
-achieving different states of Consiousness (Recommended)

-Astral Travel ( Optional )

Once You can Do the ones that I label Recommended , You would Be ready for spellcasting .
Such things are not exactly Compulsory , even the ones that are Recommended , But it would provide a excellent foundation and increase the potency of your spells
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Re: Hello Everyone :)
Post # 3
As for your school project , I think you should write something else . Magick is a huge topic with many forms and many sub-sections , and very UN-Weildy to write and work about . And since you are also new to magic , you probrably would have to do a lot of research to even pull off a accurate and detailed work.

I honestly believe that you will be better served with another topic , but the final choice is yours .

Light & Blessings ~
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Re: Hello Everyone :)
Post # 4
Thank you very much for the starting point :D
by the way about that meditation or everything that listed above
What should I do?
I mean, the step to do that basic
Sorry for asking too much ><
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Re: Hello Everyone :)
Post # 5
Sorry , I can't do that as i am kinda busy right now and if i actually go into detail on the topics listed , the length would be many pages Long . There are many articles on this forum , you should go read them to get a basic overview of the topics

You should also get some books on the topics listed and Study on.

Good Luck~
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