summon a dragon

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summon a dragon
Post # 1
on the paper draw what the kind of dragon you want to summon then hold the cristle in your hand and wall the fire is burning chant''come dragon come''10 times the dragon should come the next day or it mit take a month but when it dose feed it the pecse of meat so it dosen't eat you and so it trust you.also if you want to summon a sea dragon you need to be by the sea and sea dragons mit never come because they don't like humans
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Re: summon a dragon
Post # 2
This is absolutely terrible.

Holding a crystal, drawing a dragon, lighting a fire, and "come dragon come" 10 times is not going to accomplish anything, much less summon a dragon.

If it were as easy as a drawing a crystal and a remarkably simple chant, don't you think there would be a lot more people summoning dragons?
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Re: summon a dragon
Post # 3
There are simple dragon invocations on line, dragon work better with girls & women.. you have to work up friendship with them for a while ..fortunatly for me by the help of my ex I seen amazing results! good luck
google.and read the spells.& articles for dragons..
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Re: summon a dragon
By: / Novice
Post # 4
it could in theory work actually. but if you're unexperienced, or don't have a working knowledge of dragons, or wish to summon for the wrong reason it will fail.

that being said DO NOT SUMMON A DRAGON. i would advise against not summoning any creature if you do not know what you're doing but dragons especially. they have been missused by humans in the past, so they are cautious around us and if you summon the wrong dragon, they WILL attack you. for instance, fire dragons are rather hostile to humans, and choas dragons do not like being bothered. earth dragons are shy and it takes a while to befriend them, so they might attack if you have them confined in your circle.
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