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helping hand
Post # 1
ok it was earth day a while back and i want you if you are a true wiccan of nature to help YES help clean the earth what is so important you ask about the earth. I could
rant on and on about this but il give you the top ten reasons why helping = picking up trash ect.

1. without earth there would be no humans.

2.we drain its power with our spells and never pray after or ASK it (by praying to the earth god).

3. it made us from tiny organisms and nurtured us.

5. we have always turned to it for safety.

6. we kill it every day by littering and it never gets back at us it is all loving.

8. we kill its animals.

9. its ozone screen keeps us safe.

10. we kill its humans too.

i want you to pledge you're day to picking up trash or making more life like i went to a farm in the country i live in the city so tons of litter so when i went they had a chicken farm and i nurtured it and now am hatching it do something like that.

i pledge my day to mother earth
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Re: helping hand
Post # 2

And if you can't get out there to pick up trash you can also help on a daily basis by recycling. I've been recycling for years and you'd be amazed how much less trash you generate when you are sending everything you can to be recycled and used again and again.

Also, try to buy products that come in reusable containers, or find a container that you can use repeatedly rather than buying someting in a container you'll throw away. Plastic water battles are a real problem in land fills. Instead of buying plastic water bottles get yourself a plastic or metal bottle that is meant to be reused and use that instead.

There are a lot of ways taht we can help clean up our planet if we just get creative.

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