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Tools of Magic
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Practitioners needn't spend years collecting or fashioning intricately crafted swords, robes, or even wands. Indeed, the most important tools of natural magic are free - the sky, the earth beneath our feet, beaches, and deserts.

A few physical tools and supplies are, however, necessary for practicing magic. Most are easily obtainable and cost very little. If possible, use these tools for magical purposes only. Special preparation rituals are necessary before using them.

Here is a list of the most commonly used physical tools and magical supplies:

- A knife of some kind to cut herbs, snip yarn, and etch symbols into candles. It can be of any type, but traditionally it has a white handle. Use whatever you are most comfortable with.

- Small bowls, they will hold water, herbs, and other magical items. For various spells you will need bowls, plates, as well as other common dishes.

- A small pair of scissors for cutting paper.

- Candle holders, choose metal or glass holders.

- Glass bottles with lids, for storing herbs as well as to fill with various objects during rituals.

- Herbs, many of the herbs you use will depend on the type of ritual or spell. Some examples: Sage, rosemary, clove, dried and fresh rose, basil, cinnamon, thyme, and many others. Herbs are generally easily available, and cost little.

- Candles. Keep a whole spectrum of colors in stock for use when needed: red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, black, and brown.

- Stones. These can be pebbles found on a beach, in a river, or within the earth itself. Some spells call for other types of stones, but none are expensive.

- Cloth is needed for many spells. Choose cotton cloth or, if nothing else is available, felt can be used. Keep a rainbow of colors. Loose cotton clothing is also useful for meditation.

- Thread or yarn for trying and binding cloth and candles. Cotton thread and wool yarn seem to work better (magically speaking) than do synthetics.

- Matches to light candles (lighters just don't help create the correct ambience during spells and rituals).

- Paper. This can be simple white paper, or various colors according to the purpose for which it is used.

- Pencils and pens for drawing magical symbols.

- A small cauldron or iron pot, for burning things or to contain fire.

Other items are used for various rituals but are not as common, and needn't be stocked in advanced. Such as clay, sand of various colors, wind chimes, round and square mirrors, as well as other objects.
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