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No Subject
Post # 1
Im gonna try a potion to enhance my power, but the potion isn't on this site, so I need some safety advice on the following herbs, I want to know what Im putting together before a try it. The herbs im gonna use these;
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Re: No Subject
Post # 2

Many species of liverwort or Heaptica are poisonous, especially taken in large quantities, and even some are severely toxic in even small quantities. Clematis is also poisonous containing hepatoxic properties. Dandelion on the other hand is good for the liver and is a bitter tonic that induces production of bile. I have to warn you about the dangers of FALSE dandelions, many species of flower that mimic the appearance of a true dandelion "Tataxacum" are toxic some even fatal if ingested. Chickweed on the other hand is relatively safe if taken small doses and is avoided while pregnant.

Honestly, looking at your few ingredients here, I am guessing you don't know much about herbalism. It's one thing to practice magical herbalism for spell work and whatnot, but when it comes to ingesting herbs, you have to know what you are doing, even if you think an herb is safe, you still check, double check, and re-check again. Also many people will mistake one plant for another thinking it is a common herb, however there are many plant look a likes, and many of them toxic and fatal. As an herbalist I would not recommend using your "potion", and I strongly advise you to research any herb before you plan on using them, also speak with a qualified or skilled herbalist or doctor even. And I reemphasize this, please make sure you know exactly what species of herb/plant you are using before you proceed any further.

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Re: No Subject
Post # 3
Thanks really, and its not my potion, i found it on a replica of the book of shadows, but some people said the book was fake while others say the chants, ritual, potions, and some of the spell do work. So I am willing to try an unknown potion, but i really wanted to know information on the herbs, I even asked a mod for her advice. Doing that, this post on the forums, and some further studies, I'll be able to know about these herbs, differences and similarities the safe and toxic have.
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