Worried by side-effects

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Worried by side-effects

Worried by side-effects
Post # 1
Hi all,
About an hour ago I tried astral projection using a guide I found on this site, which can be found here:

I'm concerned now, because since trying I've been experiencing a lot of twitching/spasming. I'm worried that I've somehow, I don't know, damaged my brain or something. I'm fairly new to everything magic-related. Can anyone tell me if they think this effect should pass soon, or if it is something to be really worried about?
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Re: Worried by side-effects
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
You have not damaged your brain. That side effect is common when you slightly overwork your pineal gland (third eye). It should go away pretty soon. You can aid your brain in recovery if you eat unsaturated fats and simple sugars.

It will recover naturally on its own. What you have is the spiritual equivalent of sore muscles.

However, if you do not recover naturally on your own in a few should look into non magickal causes. The astral projection may have simply been a coincidence.

Try eating some chocolate or yogurt covered raisins. Your brain builds connections using sugars and it is made up of mostly fats. You can also try french fries...I find those help too. I always crave McDonald's french fries and soda after I work heavy magick.

The good news is, if you overwork your third eye a little bit it will get stronger. It's best to push yourself a little past your limit (in my opinion) because it makes you stronger faster.

There are those who would argue with me. This is just my opinion.
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Re: Worried by side-effects
Post # 3
Oh, wow, I wasn't aware of any of that. Thanks so much the advice/information :) I will try it out. xD I'm relieved, because the feeling is subsiding a little already.
Thanks again! ^^
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