Overcoming astrology

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Overcoming astrology
Post # 1
I posted this before, on another thread, but I think it's probably more appropriate as its own thread:


I just now joined this forum. :)

I tried a spell from this website a few weeks ago and it worked great (got rid of an office bully who was conspiring to make me lose my job - he ended up quitting his job suddenly instead, such a big relief!).

Anyway, I'm having romantic difficulties, as with anyone seeking a love spell. Before I go on I will just say here that I'm not in a relationship, nor am I interested in a specific person at this time.

Basically, the problem is that I had my horary astrology and birth charts done recently, and the future does NOT bode well for my love life!

I am not interested in attracting a specific person, just the right person - a soulmate, for a stable, lifelong relationship.

The summary of my reading was:

2-3 committed relationships/marriages, Multiple romantic partners, but indications of troubles and difficulties in relationships, indications of separation and divorce. Troubles finding appropriate partners,stress and anxiety in relationships, some partners devious, untrustworthy, enthusiastic, energetic, passionate, but bad judgment. Other partners appear calm on surface, have serious anger problems. Lots of bad luck in relationships, but also attracted to partners to who are unable to commit or have bad qualities.

The astrologer did say that at least my Venus was well dignified, and he suggested I carry a Venus talisman (the ones he directed me to were rather expensive, so I'm wondering if a spell would work as well).

Is there a spell I can do to obviate a bad astrological natal chart?

Thank you!

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Re: Overcoming astrology
Post # 2
You could always make your own Venus talisman. There are plenty of spells on this site that deal with talismans, you can use one of those and easily available material to make the talisman and change the spell so it includes Venus such as the symbol for Venus.
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Re: Overcoming astrology
Post # 3
Astrology and numerology have great wisdom, but no power over you. You can change yourself to how you want to be. The readings are only warning and so if you work hard to change your life thay will have small effect on your life. Take it from me, I'm an astrology freak and had done manny reading about myself. They all say I will have problems with money now when I'm young and later in life be rich. But now I'm, well not rich but have enough money to spend on thing that I need and want. So I see readings as warnings only, and know that i can cheng it if i work hard enough. So do not be too hard on yourself and just live each day to you best. Oh one more thing always try to be on top of everything, that way you can solve problems before they get to you.
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Re: Overcoming astrology
Post # 4
Oops, hehee its "change" not "cheng." So much for being on top of things huh?
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