Ability to Drain Energy

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Ability to Drain Energy
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Hello! This is my first post so I hope its in the right place :s

Recently I have realised that I have the ability to seriously drain energy from people and even environments. I have always been aware that I've had some weird energy issue due to past boyfriends getting sick or feeling sick after being with me. Jokingly my friends call me Rogue, as it's like the first film when she kisses that guy but in a lesser way but in the past year its has got much worse and I don't know what to do.

I crave energy and if I don't get it I feel ill and now I can sit on a train for example and soak up the energy from people around me. Why can I do this and why do I need to do this? Is it normal? What the hell am I? I've been mediating on it and not really getting answers apart from ones I can't really believe.

Other elements of this 'condition' include the ability to sense my friends like for example I can hunt them out when we get lost in clubs easy as pie, I can also sniff out peoples energy and sense if someone has health issues. It feels AMAZING after I've drained someone (my friend let me experiment on her that's when I realised I can actually do this - don't worry I was careful although I knocked her out for a few hours) like fireworks amazing and I feel so good, whole. Its my left hand that drain's like a pulling or sucking through a straw.

I feel like I'm a friggin vampire or something its so bizarre and freaks me out a tad!

If someone could help me with answers I would really appreciate it! Or at least point me in the right direction? I've never asked anyone in the magick community about it before so would love some help!

Thanks so much :)
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Re: Ability to Drain Energy
Post # 2
Your a psi Vampire, you live off energy.
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Re: Ability to Drain Energy
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Ok so I just googled and apparently psi vampires are 'spiritual and emotional weak people'. That doesn't sound like me at all. Is there a way I can stop it? Why am I like this?
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Re: Ability to Drain Energy
Post # 4
Thats a misconception. Many people are Psi vamps, and you don't have to have a weak persona, try sheilding or looking up articles.
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Re: Ability to Drain Energy
Post # 5
I am a psi Vampire. I feed of negativity. So what energy do you gather? There is so many energy's to feed off of. which one feels the most fulling? Try the elements,lust negative,positive,electric- appliances,crystals (just do not take too much energy from one source) the sun or the moon and life energy.
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