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greeting from a stranger
Post # 1
I am a very simple person,and a musician. I play guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, piano, drums and probably more, if i were to attempt playing a new instrument. I live in rural Nebraska, where I am deeply troubled by the fact that there is not much of true nature left. Where there are not cities or towns there are huge farms. However, i do understand the importance of these structures, I find that nature is vastly more important to earth. It would seem that the vast majority of human kind has forgotten it's roots and care only for self preservation (once an admirable cause)
Other than my disappointment in the times, I find that i am rather social. I have more friends than i can count (thankfully Facebook counts the majority of them for me!), and a lot of them are very supportive.

When i was very young I exhibited a very powerful grasp of clairvoyance, and I somehow had extensive knowledge of the civil war. I am tolled, that as young as 2 or 3 would tell people about how PBS specials about the civil war and the trail of tears and such were misinformed. I also had a spirit guide that my grandmother said was my guardian angel. I tolled people then that I had asked to be born, which i find very curious, indeed.

Somewhere down the line i lost touch with my second sight, whether through the pressure of modern society to think a certain way, or if i lost it through the mental blocks that I put up to keep memories of abuse at bay. I do not know. Someday, when I feel strong enough to live through the terrible events of my childhood, i will attempt to bring back that which i have lost.

I am of very few pagans in the great state of nebraska, most of the state is Christian or Atheist. My religion is rooted in my native american ancestry, and also my Celtic side. After study of many different religions, i have concluded that Jewish religions (including Christianity and Islam) tend to have a very violent history. Many wars have been fought in the name of that particular nameless god. My fancy has been taken by the more ancient polytheistic religions of old, finding that, although, they did have many wars, they generally were not caused by religious afflictions (Romans and Greek are an exception insomuch, as the gods indirectly influenced the wars).

If i join a coven, I will not be the most active member, and i will not join unless invited. I am fine on my own, since i have been so far. If anyone wishes to discuss the metaphysical or just worldly artistic matters feel free to contact me.

You are always welcome in my domain!


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Re: greeting from a stranger
Post # 2
Also if you happen to be a Nebraska pagan, please reply. I am curious to know how many of us there are...
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