This dream....

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This dream....
Post # 1
Last night, I had this dream that actually really bothered me when I woke up. I am having a hard time figuring out what the symbolism is, if there is really that much symbolism at all. This is what I can remember:

I was at some sort of gathering, it could be just a busy hoard of buildings around me or it could be a sort of "passing period" in a high school. I find my current boyfriend, who for the sake of the story we will call Joe. Joe looks different from normal. His face is unusually smooth, his beard is not very "Full." He had several piercings, a lip, ears, nose and septum piercing. His clothes were different, he didn't look like the same person at all. I come up to him & start questioning what caused him to completely change his very appearance. He gets offended, I start to cry when he doesn't care. I say, "You are not the Joe I fell in love with!" Some time passes, & I find him with these kids who are notorious drug addicts in this town & they offer him a cigarette. He takes it & I get upset. He used to be addicted & then stopped, so now he picked up the habit again & I was both mad, upset & disappointed. I take the cigarette out of his mouth & throw it at the one who offered it then punched him hard in the chest. I sort of "stumbled" away, crying, & then I start to run. That's when I notice I have a huge, black backpack on. I see Joe running as well, then I get steaming mad. I turn around, still running, & start going toward him with the intent to punch him in the face. He avoids me & goes through a doorway. I turn & try to run to catch up with him. Suddenly, it's really hard to run. I make it through the doorway Joe went through & don't bother to use the two flights of stairs & just jump over the railing to get closer to him without wasting so much time. That's when I wake up.

What could it really mean? It's really bothering me.
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Re: This dream....
Post # 2
Perhaps it means he will change (for the worse from the sound of it), and you will try to follow him down the path he takes. Or maybe you fear he MIGHT change.
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Re: This dream....
Post # 3
the best person to understand a dream is the one who dreamed it. Just focus on it and the meaning should come to you.
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Re: This dream....
Post # 4
I agree with Magickor, to me is sounds like you may have the fear that your boyfriend will change, and if he does, you fear he may try to get you to come as well. I personally would tell him about the dream, and let him know that you care for him. If he truly loves you he WILL promise that it will not come true.
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Re: This dream....
By: / Novice
Post # 5
interpretation works best, as said above, when you do it. it's very personal, so, for example, i'm fine with piercings and smoking, you may not be, so we'll come up with different issues the dream conveys. also, it's more you have a fear he'll go back to his old ways, not that he will change, you're just worried he might.

the anger in your dream is a suppression. you're angry at someone, something, yourself, or a situation in your waking life, and you refuse to face it. this isn't to say it's directed at 'Joe', he's just the symbol you're lashing out at in your dream. also, the reason he doesn't look right but you know it's him, is because in our dreams, we tend to picture someone or something different than in waking life, and when we awaken, we know what it's suppose to look like. in the dream, it's the feeling that matters, not so much the visual. most people don't dream in colour, so when we wake up, one must focus to determine if they really saw colour, or associated the sky with blue and the grass with green. only when a colour stands out did we truly see colour. [there are ways to train ones self, but not gonna get into that now] so the black backpack, black is a few things, hate/death/danger/mystery are a few negatives, while a fresh beginning and a clean slate is positive. if however, it goes with the suppressed anger/emotions you keep hidden, then it's self reflection, you need to gain insight into yourself. the backpack is the choices and decisions, how heavy the bag is will symbolize how they're weighing you down and effecting you.

the rest, i'll leave for you to determine, but overall there's a suppressed issue that needs resolving. it doesn't necessarily involve Joe, maybe a friend is getting into a similar situation Joe was in and you don't want anything to happen.
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