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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> HELP love spell

HELP love spell
Post # 1
ahm hi,,im new here,,can someone teach me a very effective love spell please? i really want my crush to fall in love with me please?
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Re: HELP love spell
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Do you really want to force crush to love you? If you do it won't be true love. It'll be your crush forced against his/her will to feel some thing that's not there. Or it could possibly already be there. You never know unless you find out. Maybe love for you isn't there, but in that case it can be grown over time and bonding. You just have to make an effort. Hang out (more) with your crush and get to know each other. That spark just may happen and he/she will fall in love with you. These things takes time and effort. You don't need a spell to make your crush fall in love with you. You just need to be you and give the effort and let him/her have the honest chance to grow the feelings for you.
And before deciding further, ask your self if you will truly be happy or not knowing she is forced to be in love with you.
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Re: HELP love spell
Post # 3
There are many things you could do to boost your appeal without forcing yourself on them against their will. I would try making an oil or body spray to attract them. You would be amazed by the way the human senses work. I would try making a water one with basil, bay, chamomile and rose, then mix in a bit of your cologne once your done cooking it. You could also charge an amulet to bring you the type of love you desire.
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Re: HELP love spell
Post # 4
Just echoing what's previously been stated. With the addition of my own two cents.

For starters, learn your Basics before you try to do ANY sort of spell. Also, Don't doubt yourself. Your own self-esteem can be detrimental to the outcome of your spells. Belief and positivity is key to successful spells. Try a "seeking true love" spell instead of a spell targeting a particular individual.

I did a spell of my own creation to find true love once. I wasn't targeting anyone in particular. Just seeking to find "true" love after a couple of bad relationships. It was the ONE time I decided to leave an altar unattended with candles lit, albeit just for a moment. When I returned the entire thing had melted, literally everything was melted into the wax. 2 months later I met my fiance. Coincidentally his element is Fire and he can be a bit hot-tempered like that spell seemed to be, but I've never been happier.

Wish you luck with your endeavor.
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