Accurate translations?

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Accurate translations?
Post # 1
Hi everyone! Okay, so I made translations just for a hard copy to be transferred into my BOS soon. But since I am having a lot of trouble understanding the dynamics of incantations (any help is appreciated), I'm hoping these are accurate:

Magick: The art of manipulating the energy prevalent in all things to make a needed change in the universe

Mana: The energy that exists in all things, even non-corporeal things such as words or sounds. Everything contains a different type of Mana, which gives off a different vibration.

Vibration: The message Mana gives off. Love Mana gives off love vibrations, and so on.

Witch: A practitioner of Magick

Spell: A rite of Magick

Wicca: Paganic religion that is called: the oldest of all religions. Relies on the worship of a powerful spirit known as the Goddess through Magick by making the world a better place.

Rule of Three: The Wiccan law that all actions sent out, return with three times the force; Karma.

Personal Power: The Mana a witch contains within themselves. This Mana holds the intent of the spell, and without it being used, Magick would not be possible.

Incantation: A set of words that contain the intent from the caster to help focus and manipulate the Mana used in Magick to the action specified.

Herbal Magick: Magick using the diverse Mana?s contained within herbs and plants.

Stone Magick: Similar to herbal Magick, uses the natural powers of stones to cast spells.

Talisman: An object that is charged with personal power. It can offer things from protection to healing, depending on what the power specifies of course.

Visualization: The most essential skill a witch must have. It is the ability to sense and manipulate the personal power and the powers flowing around you through visual thoughts.

Wiccan Rede: The essential code all Wiccans live by:
Harm none, do what ye will. As in, as long as an action shall harm no one, even yourself, you may perform it.

Correspondences: Things that contain energies prevalent in the subject at hand.

4 Elements: The four natural affiliations given to all things:
Earth, Air, Water, Fire

Spirit Animal (Familiar, Shikigami): An animal someone has a spiritual connection to. Can be called upon for uses in Magick.
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Re: Accurate translations?
Post # 2
I myself have a question, and possibly a correction. When you say that in the Wiccan Rede you shouldn't even harm yourself for magick purposes, I'm not sure that is true.

Think about blood runes, the blood has to come from you, to procure your own blood you must have to harm yourself in some way. I thnk it is mainly to say that you shouldn't harm others, it's about being more conscious and respectful of others.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, that's basically how I interpret it.
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