understanding A.Ps S/T

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understanding A.Ps S/T
Post # 1

to properly understand A.P and better project you must understand what "no space/time limit" really means, you must understand that time is made by man, nonexistent as a matter of fact, once youve come to think of it, while your living, really experiencing things, does it really feel like theres time?is it ever currently then or back then? of course not, each moment is just you looking at things from a different perspective, each memory is a different you, and il prove this by revealing teleportation, very simple, get a pen in one hand and put it in the other, thats not the same pen anymore, its vibrational equation is different, so its similar but not the same pen, and humans do this every day, we change with every slight movement, for better, experiencing something different everyday because we change with every micro movement, but theres also the trick to, "being everywhere at once" with A.P, by realizing that your soul is just spiritualy reading the vibration of the place to be able to be there and visualize it and really experience

hope this helps all you guys out there

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Re: understanding A.Ps S/T
Post # 2
I hear people say quite often that time is an illusion and doesn't exist.

This is bollucks, snot...
This is not true.

"Time" is a physical and fathomable way of measuring the unending progression of existence. "Time" is also used to describe this unending progression of existence mostly because writing that each time is just too long and frustrating.
You cannot deny the progression of existence, as everything exists, nothing is frozen from progressing, everything ages in relevance to "time". Even a void that which cannot literally die or grow old and frail is subject to this progression. There is theoretically no place besides a worm hole of sorts where energy, matter, and antimatter can exist without being subject to progression.

I'll leave it at that because any further is just too much theory and astral physics.
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