Aftermath Ritual Effect??

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Forums -> General Info -> Aftermath Ritual Effect??

Aftermath Ritual Effect??
Post # 1
Hello and Blessed Be! Currently for me it is almost 3:05 AM, and from around 12:30 to 2:00 I was performing a ritual I created, to help heal my boyfriend and two friends from emotional pain, also including myself. I used about 10 different herbs, my besom, string, and a Circle. The performance itself went fairly well. I have been much happier and feeling more revived as a whole. But, several minutes ago I was laying in bed and I started to sit up. A slightly sharp pain took over my stomach and I plopped back down and whimpered. I didn't eat the herbs or put them in my body in any way, so I find this weird when the ritual went well. The same pain happened two times after the first but not too long ago it faded away. I didn't eat anything strange before I did what I needed to do. It may be something, but it may be no big deal at all. Any ideas? ~Sullenmoon.
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Re: Aftermath Ritual Effect??
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
see a doctor i hate posts like this just because you did a spell doesnt mean the spell is causing the pain
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Re: Aftermath Ritual Effect??
Post # 3
Warlock has a fantastic point.

Assuming that everything is the result of some spell was what we did during the witch trials. It was paranoid and ill-informed then, and it's still pretty paranoid and ill-informed now.

For all you know it's terrible gas pain from something you ate earlier. Or even if it is related to the ritual, it could still be something as mundane as you having tensed your midsection a lot during the ritual - lots of people tense up when doing powerful or intense things, even when being physically tense won't accomplish anything.

Try considering all possible causes of something before concluding that it was magick, okay? :)
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Re: Aftermath Ritual Effect??
Post # 4
Lesson learned, guys! Thanks =)
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