not so amazing yet.

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not so amazing yet.
Post # 1
I'm an autistic young adult who is just now beginning to learn magick. I've had a couple instances where spirits- specifically demons, have saved me from this or that. So i consider myself satanic out of gratitude. However i'm interested in learning if it's possible to use light magick and still be a satanist. I apologize in advance for any problems that arise from my lack of communication skills(again, autistic). My astrological signs are taurus and rooster, respectively. my favorite food is peanut butter and nutella on white bread, with a glass of milk. If anyone wants to know more, feel free to ask.
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Re: not so amazing yet.
Post # 2
Hello, welcome to Spells of Magic!

First of all I really want to say how happy I am that you are open about your autism - I work in special education and I've seen how hard it can be to open up and admit to something others may perceive as making you "weird." I'm glad you accept who you are. It means you're already way ahead of most people. :)

About your demons, I can certainly see why you might have questions about using white magick. You probably shouldn't do overly heavenly things like invoke angels, at least not without asking your demon friends first - you never know, there might be a few angels in heaven they're on good terms with. But most of what is considered white magick is just beneficial magicks like healings and blessings. Since these demons were kind enough to aid you when you were in need they're certainly not against kindness or benevolence itself. You may need to find alternative rituals or spells since most are written with white magick in mind, but if a demon helped you he or she shouldn't mind you helping others in turn.

I'm glad you're here, I hope this helped, and it is my deepest wish that you and your demonic friends and allies all flourish in the weeks, months, and years to come. :)
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Re: not so amazing yet.
Post # 3
Welcome to SoM! My brother is autistic so I know how it is.
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Re: not so amazing yet.
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
yes you can be a satanist and use light magic what makes a spell dark or light is what its intended to do not where the energy comes from that fuels it besides i dont believe in white vs black magic calling it black magic is like blaming a knife because it was used to kill instead of blaming the person holding it
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Re: not so amazing yet.
Post # 5
I'm so pleasantly surprised to see how manyh of the magickal community is already so accepting! I really want to thank you all for your advice and positive reinforcement.... -Blessings, amazingjay
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