A little bag of good luck

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A little bag of good luck
Post # 1
This is a charm I came up with (even though the concept itself is ancient): a magickal charm bag for good luck in casual gaming or gambling. (Note: I do not encourage gambling)
Supplies Needed:
A drawstring pouch (It can be any size you need and any color that represents good luck and/or money to you-in my case it would be green or gold or both)
Gaming implement (this could be a deck of cards, a set of dice, a Monopoly token or what-have-you)
Small gemstones which symbolize good luck and/or money to you (Garnets, emeralds, tiger's eye agates, or carnelians are good options, but use what you feel suits you)
Herbs which symbolize good luck and/or money to you
A penny (if you're gambling)
Waxing moon
1. Make or buy a drawstring pouch (in your color of choice) that's large enough to fit your gaming implement plus your herbs and gemstones.
2. Put your gaming implement in the pouch, visualizing good luck and winning streaks as you go.
3. Put your gemstones in the pouch with the gaming implement. Keep visualizing.
4. Put your herbs in the pouch, while still visualizing-if you gamble, this is a good time to put your penny in.
5. Draw the strings on your pouch shut and hold the bag in your right hand. Meditate on good luck and winning fair and square.
6. When you're finished, transfer the bag to your left hand and say the following:
"Herbs grow greener after the rain;
As this moon waxes, so must my gain;
If the wins be great or small;
Let this game be blessed for all;
As I have said and harming none; So let it be done!"
7. Sleep with the bag under your pillow for at least one night in order to charge it. (Preferably until the moon is full)
Hope this works, :)
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