scary dream

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> scary dream

scary dream
Post # 1
lately I've had a reoccuring dream tht goes a lil like this:

it starts in a meadow tucked away in a forest with a pond on the east side of it. The ground is covered in blue flowers and my guardian wolf Wasco stands in puppy play position butt in the air chest down. We play chase for a while until I fall on the ground facing skyward at the blue sky the next thing I know the sky goes dark and the flowers around me turn a deep dark red. I stand up and the pond is frozen even though the air is warm. My eyes dart around the scene and I see Wasco laying in a heap about 20ft away. I kneel beside him momentarily before standing and looking up to the sky. Blood begins to fall and before I can lower my face something long and thin shoots into my back, chest, and neck. Then I wake up.

any ideas?
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Re: scary dream
Post # 2
Most people say that only the dreamer can truly interpret the dream. This is because things may have a different meaning to them. Personally I would say you feel like your "sacred place" is being threatened by something and it is effecting your chakra balance. It could be something within yourself or an outside source. That is just my thoughts on it though. Do you remember any more details of the dream?
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Re: scary dream
Post # 3
I can remember a taunting laughter and a few glowing pairs of eyes but other than tht I got norhing
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Re: scary dream
Post # 4
Perhaps you have pent up rage, sadness, depression, etc. Try looking to see if your emotions are in check.

Other than that it could be a demon, imp, spirit, etc. messing with your mind.
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Re: scary dream
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Dreams are a very important thing. Dreams have been said to be the way your subconscious sends you information, which is why everything in your dream will mean something to you and something possibly completely different to another! You should take some time to sit down and observe. The best things to look at are
1. The big picture. What does the dream as a whole state? What did you feel? Were you sad or angry?
2. The little things. Always remember the small details. I find that the things I overlook are the things that matter most. Something as simple as the original color of the flowers, in your case blue.
3. Spiritual meanings. Your guardian wolf dying could symbolize the need to find a sense of independence.

Just remember that everything in your dream is YOU. I hope this helped.
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