looking for help!!!!!

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looking for help!!!!!
Post # 1
Im intrested in white magic and the natural elements
but i feel like everything isnt working or some lie someone put a jock
i believe there is magic but just need help conjuring a psi a ball or making the winds move or make the water move
anything simple just make me really believe that this is true
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Re: looking for help!!!!!
Post # 2
O_O! Slow down there, son! That's a lot of different things all crammed together.

First of all, there are a few different ways of defining "white magick." One school says it is all things which are of a beneficial and kind nature (healing magick, for example), one says it is all things which seek to make your time on Earth more enjoyable (the black magick of this school is that which views the Earth as bring pain and seeks enlightenment as an escape), and the last school defines white magick as being those magicks which lead to enlightenment (... so essentially the opposite of that last one). Which one are you looking for?

Unless you're talking about elements in the scientific sense like Plutonium, there are not UN-natural elements.

Making a psi-ball is fairly easy, moving wind and water are not. To be quite frank, there are many among us who believe those latter two aren't real possibilities within the realm of magick.

A very simple way to experience real energy is to create a very simple, naturally occurring psi or chi ball (which energy it is seems somewhat debatable. For the purpose of this exercise it really doesn't matter).

Hold your hands in front of you as if you were holding a small basket ball. You don't need to hold your hands in some special way or have your arms stretched out; just be comfortable, have your hands more or less relaxed, and have your palms facing each other with maybe half a foot or more between them.

Wait a few moments and slowly move your hands closer and farther - this should be just a teeny change - so small that seeing it might not be all that easy. You will notice a strange pushing and/or pulling between your hands, and it will probably grow stronger as you continue doing it. Energy is constantly entering and exiting us - it's a good portion of what keeps us alive. Energy naturally flows out of our hands and what you are doing is creating a loose ball of energy from these two out-streams colliding and swirling around one another (sort of like a whirlpool made by opposing currents).

I'm sure others will be by soon to offer other simple exercises where you can experience magick and metaphysical energies, but I hope this helped. :)
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Re: looking for help!!!!!
Post # 3
I only wish to do white magic
not a fan of the black magic
and yes it did help thank you big time :D
im taling bout the natural elements
haha as u can tell im an eager person for this
i grew uo watching merlin and movies with ppl developing powers n learning to use em for good and thats all i want to do
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Re: looking for help!!!!!
Post # 4
What do you mean by "white magic" though? I understand that this is all you are interested in, but what you mean by "white magic" and what I mean by "white magic" may be two very different things. Please describe what you mean.

Also, the "water, earth, fire, air" series of elements are generally called the "Classical elements." Several cultures used those elements, but most of magick more specifically takes them from classical Greek thought. Those aren't the only elements, though. In China the elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. The Babylonians thought of the sky and the wind as being different elements, rendering their list as Sea, Earth, Fire, Sky, and Wind. In the West the 5th element of spirit or aether is sometimes included, but in Japan it is viewed as a necessary element, and their elemental listing goes as Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void. In Hinduism the elements are conceived of as being Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sound/Spirit, Lightness, and Thought/Space. This in turn influenced the elements of Theravada Buddhism in which they are called the Kalapas of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Color, Smell, Taste, and Nutritive Essence (stuff that keeps you alive).

There's a lot of different ways of conceiving of magick and energies and elements and everything else, so you should try to be as specific as possible.
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Re: looking for help!!!!!
Post # 5
to make psi ball this worked 4 me: hold your palms out facing each other and try to focus energy into the space between your palms..practice makes perfect..
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Re: looking for help!!!!!
Post # 6
Haha o ok well then i got alot to learn about the elements
i always thought of white magic as "good" magic and black magic as "bad" magic so i honestly dont know what kind of white magic i want to learn how to heal and move things or cast protection spells and any other magic thats considered good ...get me?
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Re: looking for help!!!!!
Post # 7
O akright thanks WARLOK
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Re: looking for help!!!!!
Post # 8
Magic 'is' real' to ask for proof is difficult because it takes 'experienced' practitioners a LONG time to DO the things you want to DO now without the study/practice/time dedicated to 'doing' it. One does NOT give a knife to a child as it WILL hurt itself !
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