Recommended Practice?

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Recommended Practice?
Post # 1
I am relatively new to Witchcraft and I would love to learn more about everything I can. I was wondering about any exercises you would recommend to help get me started.

I have recently started keeping a Book of Shadows, but I don't have much in it besides the Rede, moon phases for this year, and significant dates. It's basically a three ring binder, so are there any categories and sections I should include? I am going to add a Ritual/Spell section soon, and maybe an Astrology section.

Are there any free online texts that could help me out? I can't exactly buy much and I am afraid my aunt would judge if I checked out something from my library.

As far as Alters go, I would have to make one outside. I'm going to be hitting up the Yankee Candle store since I don't have a specialty store around, and that would be easier to explain anyhow. Would having an Alter outside be a good idea?

Could somebody help me out here? XD
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Re: Recommended Practice?
Post # 2
Having one outdoors would work, but I would suggest you leave your supplies inside. You could also keep your altar items in a box or tote and then set it up when you wish to use it. As for your B.o.S. I would put anything that is significant to you that you want to be able to access later. There are sites with free pdf's but I cant remember the addresses XD
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Re: Recommended Practice?
Post # 3
Gardnerian Book of Shadows:

I assume you're not Gardnerian since that's an initiatory tradition, BUT it is the predecessor, directly or indirectly, of every other Wiccan tradition and so you may find several parts of it relevant.
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Re: Recommended Practice?
Post # 4
Well you are just starting out, so I'd start practicing meditation and energy manipulation. Also the internet is at your disposal, regardless of other people sending you links, you can find some helpful sites on your own as well!

If working in secrecy is your situation, then put all your supplies in one hidden location, and use them when you can, easily at your disposal. I wouldn't put the alter outside unless it is someplace you are very comfortable in. Alters are generally in your 'special' places like where you sleep, or your personalized living quarters.

Good luck.
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Re: Recommended Practice?
Post # 5

Since you are new to this, you should practice these basics first.

The basics are the following:
1. Meditation
2. Visualization
3. Energy Manipulation -involves grounding/centering, energy flow and control, shielding and circle casting.
4. Correspondences -refers to elements, days, colors, tools, moon phases, etc.

As you mature and gain more experience, these things will become second nature. Although you may not necessairly use every single one, they are important and good to know because they are like steping stones towards more serious practice.

Good luck and blessed be.

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Re: Recommended Practice?
Post # 6
Thank you all. :)
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