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Post # 1
i am a 14 year old girl and recently started practicing wicca. my father believes that its satanic and no matter how much i try to show him that its not he believes that it is. how can i still practice and hide it from my father?
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Re: help
Post # 2
you could but most people would not advice it
i practice without my parents knowing
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Re: help
Post # 3
Simply do what you can without tools, or use common household items as tools. Do your workings when they are not around. If they question meditation, state that your taking a "mental break" or having quiet time to yourself etc. It is not that hard to hide unless your a new age spell junkie XD
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Re: help
Post # 4
If you think you may actually have a chance of convincing him that, no, Wicca is NOT Satanic in nature, I'd suggest having him read this FAQ from Wicca: For the rest of us.

Each of the three main number sections, as well as the unnumbered "How does one become Wiccan?" at the end needs to be clicked individually.

Here are the most relevant parts, copied and shared here for your convenience;

Is this Satanic?
This one is easy. No. We don't even believe in Satan or other inherently evil entity. Good and evil are choices that each of us makes through free will. Each of us has the possibility for both. "Evil" by definition is nasty, cruel and unpleasant, and we certainly would never encourage anyone to behave in such a manner.

Why do people think it is?
This question is quite a bit more complex. For some Christians, all non-Christians (often employing a very narrow definition of Christian) are agents of Satan. Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Atheists, Scientologists, Druids, Wiccans, whatever. There's nothing we can do about that. It is their right to hold that belief. However, there are people who associate Wicca with Satanism even if they don't associate other religions with it, and that deserves more coverage.

Part of it is Wicca's ties with witchcraft. Many Wiccans are also witches, and many people are still using the older definition of witchcraft: follower of Satan or worker of maleficarum. They hear the word witch and they associate bad things with it. They do not understand the modern witches are using a modern definition.

Part of it is appearance. Think of the images Hollywood uses to indicate that viewers are watching a Satanic ritual: robed figures standing within a circle, pentagrams, ritual daggers, candles, incense, and so on. All but the robes are standard pieces of Wiccan ritual, and some Wiccans use robes as well. These images are much older than popular understandings of Wicca, but they are not older than the Golden Dawn, which used all of those elements.
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Re: help
Post # 5
Wow! that's a tough one. ChironJackal's answer is dead on.

If your coming from a Christan background then its hard to make someone see things as you do. They believe in that and you believe this. If you think he will listen then show him the facts like ChironJackal said, but if they were like my own parents then they will most likely dismiss your beliefs and tell you you are wrong.

You are still very young and you have your whole life ahead of you. My advise is learn now and practice later. You can still practice and even live with these beliefs today but doing so in secrecy is difficult.

The burning of candles, the wearing of robes and the use of incense is still used today in Catholicism and other Christan practices. The hardest part for Christians to accept is the use of the pentagram. Most see it as a symbol of satanism but it has been around since the beginning of man and even partakes in early Christianity representing the five wounds of Jesus.

you have a mountain to climb here but Im sure you are strong enough to make this journey. It does get easier when you get older. Daddy's love their daughters and he just wants to protect you. Please... understand his feelings.

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Re: help
Post # 6
Try and tell him that it's you beliefs. Tell him that its a religion that worships a God and Goddess not Satan. You should also tell him this "The tighter your grasp is, the more sand will sift through it." Let him know that you are bothered by his intolerance. It should get to him. Just keep at it and I wish you luck. My parents wouldn't allow me to practice the craft so I moved out. I am not suggesting moving out though! Blessings :)
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