philosophical "what if"

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philosophical "what if"
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I was watching few episodes of "The Ancient Aliens" and got an idea. What if these gods people worshiped and still worship were/are aliens?
First here are some things shown in the TV show:
Odin, Zeus and a celtic deity (don't know the name, he was mentioned in the TV show). All 3 deities have the same traits, they all use thunder to defeat their enemies and rule the land, the icons of all 3 are amazingly similar. It may as well be the same entity. It's not just these gods, there are many more similarities between deities.
Another thing that caught my attention are angels. So angels, messengers, shown as people with wings in many cultures, from Mesopotamia through Egypt ending in the west as parts of today's mainstream religions. Are they really winged men or were wings just a way for old civilizations to show jetpacks or high tech devices they couldn't understand? Are angels messengers of some highly developed being somewhere in the big darkness of space?
Mythological creatures such as half animals half men or giants are also "explained" as a crossbreed between angels that are fallen (possible civil war) and women of the Earth.

So after this confusing intro my question is: if deities turn out to be in fact superior alien life forms would this shatter your religious beliefs? No matter what your current religion is.

There are 2 possibilities in this case, they either see/feel our worship or they have no idea we worship them today.

Please don't reply with "I speak to my god/goddess and he/she says you're wrong". This is a philosophical what if question and let's just consider the possibility of the theory.
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Re: philosophical "what if"
Post # 2
Assuming the aliens were actually like the beings I worship and weren't jerks or anything, I'd change my beliefs just enough to say "alien" instead of "deity."

My magick has always worked and my faith has always made me happy. Finding out that it works slightly differently than I thought will not change either of those, and I feel those are the important parts.
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Re: philosophical "what if"
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Thank you for your reply :))))
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