Please Help Me....

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Please Help Me....
Post # 1
I just recently left my husband (still legally married)....and I left because I am scared of him and we have a 2 year old together whom I of course took with me.
Things were ok at first and my husband was dealing with the terms that we wont be together. But he ended up in the hospital and got diagnosed with skitzophrenia and severe depression. he's suppose to take his medicine everyday, on the days he doesn't he calls me and harasses me. And now he's gone as far as lying about me to take my baby away from me.
He truly is crazy, and I need him to stay as far away from my son and I as possible.
He's in the hospital right now for trying to take a handful of his medicine after his attempted lie against me failed.
Need him gone. But have no money for magic supplies.....
What can I do that's free.
I really need this, he's scary and I know he's out to get me for retaliation for not wanting him.
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Re: Please Help Me....
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Have you tried calling the police and getting a restraining order?

If not, and you don't want to you could try a spell to banish him from your life using ingredients you have at home and you could write it yourself.
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Re: Please Help Me....
Post # 3
first i would say try filling out a order of protection against him, but also try praying and asking God for protection,35 pslam could be of a big help,
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Re: Please Help Me....
Post # 4
I agree with the others that a restraining order would be best but if you want a magical way you can do a binding spell on him and bind his negative actions. look on this website for some to get ideas on how you would want to do it. you my require a piece of string and something connected to your husband, but I have good effects by just using energy to do it. just look at the spells and come up with a way comfortable for you.
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