wiccan holidays

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wiccan holidays
Post # 1
i just need enlightenment...what is Ostara and how can i celebrate it without using any fancy whom is it dedicated and how to celebrate it..?
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Re: wiccan holidays
Post # 2
Ostara is another name for the Spring Equinox, an astronomical event when the days and nights are of equal length. It was added to what is now known as the Wheel of the Year, believed to have been introduced by the founder of Wicca, Gerald Gardner, and later borrowed by Ross Nichols.

Ostara celebrates the growing strength of the young God reflected in the growing light and warming earth. It is also dedicated to Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of the spring and in some cases to Aurora, the Roman goddess of the dawn. If you want to celebrate Ostara very simply then taking a walk in the countryside to see what's growing is an excellent way. You can also leave offerings of milk and /or cake for any spirits of place.

If you want to do something more ritualistic there are various solitary rituals to be found all over the net. Some examples;

Do bear in mind that the date of the Spring Equinox changes each to take place sometime between the 20th to the 24th of March in the Northern Hemisphere and between the 20th to 24th of September in the Southern Hemisphere. Your profile states that you are in Namibia so I assume it's actually getting into autumn there right now.
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Re: wiccan holidays
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3

Place Ostara in the site search engine and click search. You will be provided with a list of articles related to Ostara. In these are different ways to celebrate as well as information on the holiday.

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Re: wiccan holidays
By: / Novice
Post # 4
ostara is celebrating spring, and yes you should take a walk in the park/woods to see the rebirth of nature. sit outside, or by an open window if you're in the city, and just meditae/listen to the world around you. however, put very simply, it's Easter. decorate the alter with the same colours as Easter, paint eggs, eat dairy, some people have ham, and sweets. a lot of the holidays are like that, look at the christian counterpart as a rough jumping off point.
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Re: wiccan holidays
Post # 5
It also coincides roughly with Sun entering Aries, thus marking the beginning of a new astrological year. Astrologically-minded faiths like Thelema celebrate their new year at Ostara.

Not telling you to move your new year's celebration (how arrogant a suggestion that would be), but if you personally work much with astrology or wish to start more serious study of astrology this year, you may wish to add in some new years-ish elements for the beginning of the new cycle.

Blessings, whatever you choose. :)
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