Blessings and 93

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Blessings and 93
Post # 1
As a disclaimer, Mercury is still retrograde so if I say something stupid please give me the benefit of a doubt, alrighty?

I' a few days away from being 26, I am primarily a Thelemite (93 friends and neighbors!), though I have a very henotheistic view of religion which allows me to view many religions as being true. In this spirit it is my goal to someday become an interfaith minister.

I started studying magick, mostly in a fluffy half-assed way, at around age 12 when my anti-theist mother was very randomly compelled to get me a book on Wicca at the local library. I began studying more earnestly at around age 20. I am baptized and confirmed in the EGC and a first degree in the OTO, though I'm no longer active or dues current since I became quite poor and, quite frankly, I hate half the people in my Oasis. Drunken blow-hards, the lot of 'em....

Besides being a Thelemite I have very active interests in Wicca, Asatru, and Islam with fair knowledge and interest in Christianiy (particularly Catholicism), Hinduism, Vajrayina Buddhism, and Soto school Zen Buddhism.

I'm gay, I'm transgendered, and I'm obviously open about both. Only a very small number of people are transgendered and even fewer are female-to-male like myself. One of the biggest problems with transgendered activism is that most post-op trans-individuals wish to hide their identity in the hopes of being treated normal. I therefore speak up and am very honest about these things so they don't have to be - let them have their peace.

I hate fluffy bunnies, but I try not to be a dick about it. Modern education does nothing to promote critical thinking so I know it's not quite their fault. I work, by the way, in public education so I am aware of how stupid our education system is from both sides.

I'm sol Aries, Luna Virgo. Mercury is in Pisces and its freaking retrograde - my mere presence can break things. I'm also ruled by Jupiter in Pisces ( my love of religion presumably makes more sense now). My third house is Scorpio - sorry if it makes me sound snippish - I promise I never mean it as vicious as it sounds. In fact, I probably want to hug you.

Questions, comments, and mild harassment are all welcome.

Blessings and 93.
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Re: Blessings and 93
Post # 2
Welcome to SoM, Chiron. I think you may be an interesting person to have here.
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Re: Blessings and 93
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Welcome to SoM! I hope to see you around more.

Have a nice day.
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Re: Blessings and 93
Post # 4
Glad to have you, looking forward to hearing more.
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