Balancing Chakras

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Balancing Chakras
Post # 1
Mods: I'm not sure where this goes so feel free to move it.

Lately, I feel as if my chakras are out of whack. I've been getting sick a lot, been feeling a little depressed, and just generally feeling like something is wrong. I figure that it's my chakras that need a little more balancing so that I can once again feel harmony within myself.

Does anyone have any exercises or something that could possible balance my chakras? I will greatly appreciate it!
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Re: Balancing Chakras
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2

This website will give you the basic meditations you will need to do with the seven main chakras of the body. Practice about 15 minutes a day with all of you chakras starting from the root and working your way up to the crown. As you meditate focus on each area of the body that the chakra is located as well as the chakra opening and aligning with the others.

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Re: Balancing Chakras
Post # 3

Here is my key to fixing chakras naturally and with out much troubles.

It is a exercise to relieve stress and help with balancing chakras. Giving you a state of harmony. You can do this daily, weekly or whenever you wish to do this. Even when you are sick you should try and do this relaxtion because eventually it will increase your energy levels.

Arranage that you will not be disturbed for about thirty mintues or so.

Spead a blanket on the floor and lie flat on your back with your feet slightly apart.

Use a cushion to support parts of your body if need be.

if you wishh you can record this on a music player so you can listen to the instruction while you do this or listen to relaxing Music.

Close your eyes take three deep breathes. And breath out feelings of stress pain and tightness in your body.

now you are going to journey through your body beginning with your right foot.

Let it relax then focus the relaxition up your right leg to the knee then to the hip relaxing each muscle by muscle.

Do the same with your left foot and leg...

Relax the Buttock and organs pelvis and lower back.

Relax deep inside your body your solar plexus heart lungs.

Feel the relaxtion as a softness and warmth spreading through your body.

Visualize all the v ertba in your spine like the notes on a piano keyboard- beginning at the bottom let the vertabrea soften into relaxed position as if you gentle touch a note on a paino keyboard with your finger.

Travel rigght up to your neck and experience waves of relaxition washing over you. You may begin to see swirling colours in your inner vision.(DO NOT FREAK IT IS NATURAL)

Feel Your arms and hands becoming limp and heavy as you relax even more.

Move your head gently from side to sideto release any long held tension in the neck.

relax all muscles of your face and scalp and let the activity in your brain slow down.

Enjoy the soft music or tapped words but try not to go sleep

maintain a state of relaxation awareness for around 20 mintues.

Slowly start to breath more deeply then slowly take one dep breath visualizing a healing golden light that touches every part of you inside and out.

Stretch your legs and arms roll onto one side and sit up slowly.

And appriectiate what you have done and your relaxition you have achieved!

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Re: Balancing Chakras
Post # 4

--> they have good instructions about chakra works..

i have recommended this site for the chakra works and not for other purposes for your information.. lol..

blessed be..
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