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Stomp Spell..
Post # 1
These are a few things you will need.
1. ceremonial garb
2.cauldron or fire
3. athame' or knife
4. 5 black candles and 5 white candles
5. picture or something personal of the persons
6. staff or ritual sword
8. 5 pieces of an ancient stone. ( I usually use lapis )
9. sea salt
10.some kind of box preferably wood cord
12.nightshade, mandrake, and smudge
13. and your hatred

This is a 3 day ritual starting on the first night of the full
moon. I
recommend you start even earlier if possible. This is a outdoor
ritual so
finding the right spot is key. You need to find a spot in the woods
that is
very secluded. Once you find it clear about a 20 foot area. Try and do
before the first night.
1. The first night is all about meditation. You will be looking
inside to find your inner demon. Once you have found them give them a
We all have evil in us we just have to look. remember your demons name
because you will be using it.
2. The next thing you will need to do is prepare your circle.
your staff or sword make a circle in the dirt about 10 feet in
Then using the staff or sword again draw a pentagram in the circle.
outside the circle and make another circle around the first. ( leave
about 3
feet between them ).
3. After you have finished; I recommend you spend the rest of the
night begging your god or goddess to protect you. Ask for a them to
you for what your about to do.Who knows they may show you some mercy.

2nd night not too late to back out.
1. Dress in ceremonial clothing.
2. Place all things you have brought in the middle of the
3. Pour sea salt in the outer circle groove.
4. Put mandrake in the pentagram circle groove.
5. Place the lapis at each point of the pentagram.
6. write the names of those who will suffer this night on each
then place them between each pentagram point. ( make sure to set your
candles about 1 foot inside the circle then light them.
7. Burn the night shade and then speak this 3 times
your demons name I call on you to do my will
Only to mame not to kill.
8. Say next
I want you to suffer like I have
Feel my rage through this staff ( then pound on the personal
object 3
times and place it in your fire.
9. Then walk around the pentagram circle counter clockwise 3
stomping on the lapis and say.
You will feel my torment and want to die
And know it was me that came this night.
10. Next take your knife and let 3 drops of your blood fall into
fire. then say
You could have had my love, but you chose my hate
so with this blood I seal your fate.
11.Using your staff or sword point towards your hatred and
your inner demon by shouting
your demons name go now and ____________________
your demons name go now and ____________________
your demons name go now and _____________________
12. Wait for your candles to burn down place them in your
Place as much of the mandrake as you can in the cauldron with the
Spend the night at your spot. The next morning place as much of your
contents in the wooden box. Then wrap the box tightly with your black
Last night of the full moon. Take your box of goodies and bury
it on
your hatreds property. When it is finally buried urinate on the site
This is what happens when you PISS ME OFF...Make it so.
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Re: Stomp Spell..
Post # 2
Wow. That is an extremely awesome ritual! Good job! I will never cast because I don't really do dark magick. Really powerful and really hateful!
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Re: Stomp Spell..
Post # 3
Copy, paste, and done! in the books... Im hand writing this one in my (special book) and to make it more I will write it in (Theban)
thank you

Blessings and peace.
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