walnuts in spells

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walnuts in spells
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I'm curious about the use of walnuts in spells I've come across a few wish spells that incorporate walnuts. This one in particular intrigued me:

Powerful Wishing Spell
This spell is one of my favorites. It works for whatever you want and has much power.

You Will Need:
- 1 walnut (shell and all)
- A small piece of paper
- a pen
- a red candle
- red thread (or black)
- money oil (or vegetable or olive oil)

What to do:
On the New Moon carefully crack open the walnut. Be sure not to brake them because you will be binding them back together. Now clean out the nuts. On the paper, using the pen, write down your wish as if you already have. For example: I have $50.00 dollars for the mall. While you are writing, imagine that you really do have that money or whatever you are asking for. Fold it really small while saying:

" With fold of one, this spells begun;
With fold of two, these words are true;
With fold of three, what is written will come to be"

Anoint the paper with the oil and place it in one of the shells. Unite the shells. Light the candle. Now wind the red thread around the walnut shells so they don't come apart; while doing so say:

"May this spell not reverse
Or pace upon me any curse.
May all astrological correspondences be correct
for this working.
With harm to NONE.
So mote it be!"

Hold the walnut charm and close your eyes. See yourself with whatever you asked for. Do this for about 5-10 minutes.Then pour the red wax on the walnut (this is very messy, so be very careful). Leave the walnut charm outside and ask the Sun God to bless your spell. Leave it there for about 30 minutes. Then you're done. Keep the charm with you and in some place that holds magick for you.

Now I had always been under the impression that walnuts are primarily used to heal, Banish and rid one of things, in particular relationships.

does anyone have any thoughts/opinions on this walnut wish spell ? would the spell be appropriate to use if one wanted to gain something ?

any thoughts would be much appreciated
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